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Michael Aranda of EH Building Group review: Building rip off - left with unpaid taxes and costly repairs 4

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6:04 pm EST
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This builder ripped me off leaving me with costly repairs and unpaid taxes on a new home. His staff, Blake Evans and Jacob Myers told me that there was no possibility of bankruptcy - they lied. I was pressured into closing after waiting since end of 2007 to move into this home-with threat to lose my savings I put down for deposit.

I called for months without any response and then pressured into closing after all that time elapsed, I thought they were out of business. I was right! I was promised that the repairs would be made on our original punch list. They were not done. We are left with a dented garage door, extremely poor exterior and interior paint finished with "stripes"...there is a leak through our front door every time it rains and much more. They claimed the home is hurricaine proof. Solid Six Construction-It does not even withstand a little rain. I called him directly and spoke to his wife, she told me he would call me back, instead they blocked my number.

This builder bailed out and probably moved on to new ventures leaving our community a Mess! I was left with his tax bills -Meanwhile I am pretty sure he gets a nice tax break for his expensive donations. This bailout for people like him needs to stop.

Update by laura
Feb 25, 2009 4:04 pm EST

To Jane Doe,

Unfortunately the way things work with the DBPR may not help with this builder and others like him. I can not believe how the system as far as the construction industry goes; there are loopholes when dealing with developers who are actually building contractors and owners of a business. The only way would be a class action lawsuit including all involved in their unprofessional business dealings. His son now has a business in Fort Myers.
They market him as Michael Aranda, president of Management Group 1 stating, "he has a vast background in land development, residential home building, and real estate sales and marketing. He even uses his past development history stating; "Michael led one of South Florida’s largest residential and commercial builders as Division President".
I wonder if they are referring to Copperhead - a huge development failure! They should include this in his past business experience as well.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

been frauded
Phoenix, US
Feb 10, 2012 6:43 am EST

I know this is several years later, but the names Michael Aranda & Blake Evans sounds quite familiar to me. I feel they are the same people who ripped off my Dad. (They were from Arizona, or so they said, at the time they were scamming him.) Does the name William Aranda mean anything to you?

Lehigh Acres, US
May 12, 2009 5:55 pm EDT

There is still a connection between the two Mike Arandas as Jacob Meyer was conducting business for Copperhead LLC- he assured me that the company was not going bankrupt and even though I had my suspected it was the case I had no choice but to close. I am sure I would not have received my deposit back. How do these people continue to do business - especially here in Fort Myers. They should be ashamed of their scams here in Florida. I guess that is why Blake Evans and Randy McClurg moved their business to Texas - It will catch up to all of them!

, US
Mar 18, 2009 8:28 am EDT

Here is the link to the website of Management Group 1 of Florida, Inc. run by "Junior" Michael D. Aranda although Jacob Meyer is the General Manager of MG1:

Interestingly in December 2007 Michael David Aranda removed himself as Officer of the corporation replacing himself with his wife Jessica yet he remains 100% shareholder and owner:
8660 College Parkway, Suite 200
Fort Myers, FL 33919
239.267.4804 (local)
800.299.2856 (toll free)

Fort Myers, US
Jan 21, 2009 10:32 am EST

I agree with you 100% and any dealing Michael F. Aranda and his son Michael D. Aranda are involved in are usually shady to say the least. Between the west coast and east coast there are many lawsuits against Michael F. Aranda's mulit companies but no one ever seems to put a complaint against his license. He can keep bankrupting his companies and starting new ones as long as he has his license. I would suggest you get together with others in your community and have everyone put in a complaint. After so many complaints he will lose his license in the state of Florida. I know how dirty he is since I was one of his employees and was also ripped off by EH Building Group.