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Mercedes Benz LLC review: Paint my car

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RE: Claim Number PGF5E-9DBVC Johanna Taylor Mercedes Mars Red Settlement

I am asking for Future Repairs. My car is peeling, flaking, bubbling, fading, discoloration, or poor adhesion of the paint or clearcoat). This car is peeling from front to back, top to bottom on both sides. It's an ugly car. It's getting worse day by day. now. I have posted pictures all over social media in hopes of getting a resolution to the problem. I have called the Ontario Mercedes dealership which is on the list and have not received any help. I want my car painted. I have paid so much money out of pocket getting my car spot painted until I'm broke from doing it. I'm not going to spend another dime out of pocket because I don't get my money back.

I have called 3 Mercedes dealers this morning and nobody has a clue on this settlement process for getting my car painted.

The instructions advice for qualified future repairs, you do not need to submit a qualified future claim form for repairs. It said you can take your vehicle to an authorized service center to request for repairs. None of your locations have a clue what I'm talking about.

Please advise

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