Meijer Forest Park/Fairfield Store. across from Forest Fair Mall, Cincinnati, Ohiofresh meat/fish cooler

O Aug 04, 2018

My wife and I are partially crippled and I just got out of the hospital after having a stroke, so I was instructed to be on a lo cal lo colestrol diet, so my wife went to the fish cooler and saw some fish on sale, she stumbled, and had to touch the front of the cooler to maintain her balance, and the man behind the counter jumped out and told her not to touch the glass cause he just cleaned it. He said if you had to clean it, you wouldn't be touching the glass. Then after she selected the fish that was on sale, he rang it up at the regular price, knowing it was on sale. He was very rude to her. All we wanted was some fish, not a hassle. I'll think twice if I see that guy behind the counter, i'll not buy meat or fish until I see someone different there.

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