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McH Management LLC review: IBO - holding my check will not release me

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On January 20, 2024 while studying with others in a session on Discord we were discussing the pay and incentives that were offered in the opportunity that I am attending class for. One of my classmates IBO gave their contractors a copy of the opportunity. On the opportunity it shows the pay while in certification and after. My IBO has being lying to me about the pay. Back in January 2023 another client went up on minimum rate that I'm servicing for, and I was told by the IBO himself. I messaged the IBO and told him I was requesting for him to release me. Of course he wanted ro know why, I explained that he was charging too much on the IBO fees and they always changed each month and I didn't think it was fair him charging so much. IBO stated he DO NOT PROFIT from being an IBO that all he received was $10 per invoice plus his fee and that he was not there to make profit only to help those are looking for an opportunity. He changed the fees from $75 per invoice to $50, and said he would do that to keep me and I have proof I will add with this posting. My reason also was because he was taking all my money. The client I was servicing was in a drought invoices were a total of 20hours no more than 30 and he would take out his fees anyways and leave me with $19, $23..

Now to my point of complaint. I still asked to be released but he refused. And I couldn't understand why he would release me. Come to find out after I saw that the client was offering $12 while in certification and up to $15-$17 after course completed and the way I would rank.

Before class had even started the IBO sent me a message saying I would receive $7.25 during certification and $8 after completion. After I say that opportunity flier with the pay I was livid. So I went to him and asked him why have he being lying to me about not making a profit off of me. And told him no wonder you would not release me. Had I known from the beginning that he would have been doing this I would have never agreed for him or anyone to be an IBO to help share my pay with. I wasn't not giving the chance to refuse him because he never told me anything about him getting profit. He does nothing for me at all so why would I be ok with this situation. I am a Sole Proprietor, have been since 2013 I would have been my own boss. He had a chance to discuss this when I brought it up before but he stuck to his lies and continued to lie. Arise has policies that he has broken as an IBO. In the Vendor Policy it states Arise do not get in the middle of how the revenue is given, that the IBO and the Service Partner would have to negotiate for an agreeable plan. This was not a choice for me, he is a liar and practically scheming on others. This is not fair at all. Never have we negotiated on revenue ever. There is no way I am about to let him keep getting paid for something he do not do. I am the one taking those calls making sure the callers are receiving the need of the call. I am the one that works hard to make sure I stay were I have to be in order to keep my contract. I don't need anybody sitting back taking my money, something I had a choice to say no to but didn't because I wasn't aware. Thus IBO lied when asked about it. Ignored my request months before all this happen and will not release me. But on top of all this he did not send me my last check. He kept my check and told me I owe him a fee to be released. Having he taken enough from me that I wasn't aware of, now he wants a fee. Told me I would be dropped from the client's I'm servicing. And that is fine with me because after talking with chat I found out I can get those clients back. But my CA has dropped because I don't want to service and him collecting my money and nor sending it. Besides what is going on Arise did not contract with him to make that decision to keep people checks. That's not fair that he would even have the nerve to keep my check. Again he is not the one performing the job.

If I do owe him tell me where does it states he has the right to hold my check. Who gave him the right to not discuss the revenue when he is contracting employees. If Arise is going to allow this to happen, for those that do not know that a IBO is taking money from them it needs to be turned in to the IRS that taxes are being taking just not the required taxes. I searched all through the terms and policies I did not come across anywhere it stated IBO can hold someone's check. No where in there did I see it stated IBO can pay whatever they want. If Arise is going to terminate SOW's because metrics are not met or someone breached the contract for the service partners they need to also have rules for the IBO's that has been stealing from the SP. This IBO has breached the contract for not being honest and not having a agreeable revenue plan. He told me he pays me what he want to, really . This man is getting paid $6 of my dollars plus his fee and Arise fees now holding my check because he has been caught in a puddle of lies. Something needs to be done. I enjoy servicing for Arise but I can not even think right missing intervals can not focus and nothing is being done. Someone needs to contact me asap.

I also need to add he stated he has signed documents were I signed agreeing on the pay. Let me be clear I would only sign after he has told me the only way pay would go up I had to sign saying I agree. Not one time did I know anything about him collecting from my performance. Not one time I had a clue the raise he was giving me was already owed to me. Had I been my on boss I would have gotten it all but like I said he didn't give me that choice to decline him as an IBO. I will add all the proof with this post.

Claimed loss: I never know what my revenue is, but over all iam owed over $2,000.

Desired outcome: All I want is my last check and for this IBO to release me and from him taking the choice to pay what he liked with out making it acknowledged I had a choice No fee for releasing me

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