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N Aug 16, 2018

Good day please I am begging someone to help me I understand that Truworths does not care and MBD seeing by the response but hopefully I will find understanding.

Unprofessional service
A review of MBD Attorneys by nadine D on 13 Aug 2018


Unprofessional service
I am really upset and disgusted with the horrible service I have received when I called mbd to make arrangements for my outstanding amount owed I was even ignored on the amount I have arranged to pay and ensured I will receive a monthly statement to confirm the amount I paid every month which I did not I am really upset and the fact that I owed truworths 1900 and now owe mbd amount of 2800 after being listed with them just for 2 months its amazing add to outstanding credit to make peoples life difficult I have now paid 1600 thus far and have not had one word or update on my credit score which they happily messed up. I hope someone at that place has a brain to think professional and not emotionally cause I want help and a response this is my credit score and life you are messing up

Official business reply
Dear Sir/Madam

We acknowledge receipt of your query and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention; we will investigate the matter and furnish you with feedback in due course.

Kind regards


MBD Credit Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Please tell me about a settlement about because I have been advised that I cannot have a settlement amount I can only pay the full outstanding I owes virgin active 1600 I paid them finish in two months with mbd and I done it gladly cause the lady I spoke to was sweet willing and able to help me and now I owe nothing on my virgin active she even gave me a discount only thing I didn't get my settlement letter which I dont mind I will phone for it cause she helped me and this was after I made arrangements with thruworths which took away my zest to pay

I then got this reply from a woman at MBD and this was my reply back.

Dear Sir/Madam

Attached, Please find Information as requested.

Thanking You

Kind Regards
Good day

I cannot open this attachment, please help me understand that if I had an outstanding balance with mbd which I have proof of for the amount of 2800 and I have paid 1200 thus far and will pay 400 on Monday which leave me with amount paid for 1600 and a balance outstanding of1200 so I can't open this attachment and from what I see you showing me that I owe you 1800 and some odd?

I prefer someone to call me and explain not throw a email at me and I will publish this on hello peter.

I will find a ombudsman someone to help me cause I can't stand for this it's blocking my life I can't be blacklisted for nonsense for 1900 people are owing real money I nearly lost my job cause the staff at mbd do not listen to request and they ignore you and rather act like you owe them personally the management is worse speak over you even when you speaking nicely.

I am waiting for a valid response to put me at ease cause I am really worried about owing forever.

Thank you

I still have no settlement letter or response I got this response from Thruworths today on hello peter I refuse to allow everybody to wash their hands off the matter because nothing is being done my request to MBD was for a settlement the insisted I should pay the whole outstanding amount they were rude and spoke over me management themselves dropped the call in my ear cause they refused to listen to what I had requested after requesting to pay a settlement they said no its all or a monthly arrangement I arranged for amount of 600 a month the rude woman I spoke to ensured me she will send me proof of our discussion and a monthly statement which I do not receive she also ensured me that she arranged for 600 when the first payment went off it was 400 a month since I been paying could someone please just take the time to look into this matter it is tiring and petty cause it is not difficult as they all make it to be Truworths replied to me on Hello peter:

Official business reply
Thank you for your post and affording us the opportunity to attend to your concerns.

We acknowledge your dissatisfaction concerning this issue; however confirm that Munnik Basson Dagama (MBD) is at present administering your account on our behalf. For this reason, we escalated this matter to their management team to further assist in this regard.

We have been informed that your concerns raised have been attended to, and that a statement regarding the current status of your account, has also been sent to you.

We sincerely apologise for your experience, and hope that we have adequately addressed this matter.

Kind regards,

Truworths Online Team

The above is my response I am not happy with the outcome and will make sure I take all my free time to expose this I am tired and frustrated and basically not even surprised at this point it is ridiculous what has this come to I know who MBD is I have google I do research I suppose I even understand from my career background what a credit controller is but if you have no passion and professional demeanor for your job its best to leave and find tour passion cause I have collected gladly with a smile on my face not once letting a customer feel our of place and with success met my kpi as set so please stop taking people for stupids we all come from somewhere and we all have a life to live treat your customer fairly whether its customer service or debt you collecting.

I need a settlement amount thank you and I need my statements and settlement letter as it I'd my right to get it whether I am in a early owing phase which is apparently 30 days only for Truworths, Pre-legal or legal phase if is my right!!!

I am begging please someone listen read I dont want to be rude or nasty please I don't want to be difficult or need to be cause this is my right and I know someone will find it in their right mind to do their job without taking this personal or be neglecting or even spiteful.

Thank you
I appreciate it and trust it will be resolved.

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