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Dear Max Sachchi, please stop postings wrong information on and ask people to remove it through [protected] or [protected] and fail to answer emails. You are an Indian Tamilian be it from Vancounver, USA, India or Sri Lanka, stop hiring professional IT people from India or Bangladesh and use them to collect USD299 on your behalf. If you are devoted Hindu, please have a heart and solve this. Your mother did not bring you up as Nirinjan I assume is your pet name to cheat people's money and to cause them hurt and death. You have made so much money from your numbing cream business through Shinsachi Media Inc from your EMLA cream, you have sold porn through at #110 - 6086 Russ Baker Way Richmond, bc (CA) V7B 1B4. You are also selling real estate in Max Sachchi real estate in delta and have club achievement! Please if you pity the Tamilians in Sri lanka and quote on You tube do not let him die, please pity other people from your postings who are worst off than the guy doing the hunger strike. Please as a Tamilian Max Sachchinanthan, please change and stop doing this. Stop...Solve the issue with scamchecker. everyone deserves an opportunity, stop ruining people's lives. stop.

Scam Artist - Max Sachchi


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    CanMaxBeSaved Jul 21, 2012

    Max Sachchi is without a doubt the Webmaster behind he lives in Vancouver and his friend and partner is SeungWoo Shin. Together they scam people with Dr. Numb and ScamChecker. They are now involved in distributing illegal and unsafe electronic cigarettes. They are unsafe because they have a Lipo battery and when Lipo Baterries get moist or wet they can explode in the face of the person smoking the electronic cigarette. Max your stepchild has a serious heart condition. If you want to create good Karma and receive Gods Blessings for your family I urge you to take down immediately and beg the Lord for forgiveness for ruining the lives of people targeted on your website.

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  • Ma
    MaxWakeUp Apr 25, 2013

    Max we know that you have a "safe" house in Taiwan. But you cannot hide from what you have done to destroy other peoples lives. You have a family Max so think of the families that you are destroying with your websites and the smear and harassment that you continue to allow on your website and by you ignoring requests to remove the scandalous lies on your website. Think about it Max your day is coming and you have created your own karma. It's not too late to do the right thing and shutdown your website and destroy all of those horrible lies. You will eventually be arrested for being part of a worldwide extortion scheme. How will you care for your family then?

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