Masters of Revengeno customer service of any kind!

L Review updated:

Was looking to get some payback for this disgusting b***h where I work. So I did some online looking and found this place, that claims they can pretty much do anything because they are very good at it.

Their website looks real enough, but they don't have any sample work, they don't show any kind of proof that they can do what they say they can do.

I emailed their "customer service" to see if they had anyone I could talk to about this stuff, if they took Visa gift cards for payment, and how they give any kind of guarantee of their service.

I got a response email, which seems to be fake, as it says you can view your response on another site page, and they give you a link to get to that page.
A DEAD page!

It's been weeks now, and I STILL haven't gotten any kind of response.

So this site seems to be a scam. They probably take your money, if you are stupid enough to blindly send them any, and sit back and laugh at you .


  • P
      Oct 18, 2017

    Any intelligent adult shouldn't go online looking for revenge in general.

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  • C
      Sep 03, 2018
    Masters of Revenge - This site is just useless scmmers
    United States

    Spent about an hour on planning my revenge, this site seemed the best option but just wasted my time, don't be as stupid as me its a crap website that needs someone with knowledge to take revenge against it. stay away its rubbish. They just take your money and make a [censored] of you. WANKERS!

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  • J
      Dec 21, 2018

    Sent money to this fraud website. They did nothing. They will 9nly take your money but will not deliver their products. Buyer beware. 100% SCAM. Do not waste your money!

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  • L
      Dec 18, 2019

    @Joe Mama This company did the same thing to me.. Its a scam fake website

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  • L
      Dec 18, 2019

    This company is a scam took my money itsca fake stay away. It needs to be reported.

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  • L
      Dec 18, 2019

    This company is located in France or pairs I know a person that is currently looking them up. They are taking action in their country for taking money form a few of them in there town. I'm not sure why this company would take people money like this.

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