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Martz Trailways review: Needs improvement

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To whom it may concern:
I am writing to complain about the conditions of your location pick-up and the price of your round trip ticket to Stroudsburg which is $67.75. It did not bother me to pay for my trip, but I decided to only purchase the one way ticked and go home with a family member to New Jersey. The trip on NJ transit for me is under six ($6.00) dollars. Why so cheap? Because I am disabled, and qualify for a half price discount through NJ transit which is cleaner than your location. When I requested a discount for people with disabilities, I was told there was none, which I believed because you did not post anything on your web site concerning this passenger rate. I have been disabled for four years and have proof of my disability. Showing proof was not a problem. (See attachment) How is it that you don’t have a discounted rate for disabled person(s). Is it because you are a private institution? I guess you have the right to charge what you want but below you will see a list of my concerns and complaints, which are many and your service is really sad, for the price I paid for my ticket.

Once I got to the lower level, the information desk was closed and the next location was listed on the window. Since this was my first time using your bus service, I did not want to continue to look for an information desk. Luckly, there was a nice homeless man that showed me the way to not only purchase the ticket but walked me to the waiting area. He was the best thing there and I tipped him $5.00. This is money that could have been in your pockets. Less staff means more money for the president of Martz’s Trailways and his cronies. Shame on you for charging so much for such a dirty, nastey, and ugly location. This is New York City not a third world country, or is it? You need to get on Penn Stations to make some major changes. I hope that you follow through, since no other bus company seems to care. Well you should.

In your waiting area, there are no chairs to sit. You have to sit on the floor which I found very comfortable but I had a friendly neighborhood cockroach almost come over to greet me. I wanted to thank you for having a representative there, but a roach is not what I expected. But it’s nice to see a friendly face. Too bad someone had to step on him. He was missing his official hat and badge. When I look for a human manager to complain about there being no toilet paper in the bathroom, every one that worked there told me to look for the woman that cleans the area. I understand these are not your employees, but you chose this location as your pick-up stop, so you should make sure there is someone there from your company to answer complaints. If that is not the case, than you need to speak to the supervisor, manager, or the head of personnel at the Port Authority.

As per the ride it was comfortable. But I was told to wait at gate 25, which I did for almost one hour and a half on a Saturday, during the Holiday Year. Buses should run on a better schedule during this time, since people are trying to get to holiday parties, which was my case. I stopped the bus driver to ask him if he was a supervisor but he was not. He was very friendly and told us which various locations he was stopping at. He assured me he was stopping at Stroudsburg. I waited so long on the floor that when it was time to get up I was so happy. The driver asked us to come up two at a time. I was the third person on the line and was so happy to get first choice in a comfortable seat. But then again, I was disappointed by your service. The bus driver now tells me to go to gate 29. Don’t remember for sure which gate I went to because my ticket stated, ” gate 25”. I walk over to the gate and guess what? Everyone was already on the bus. I was so angry and complained to the bus operator. He was very nice and apologized but that was not going to get me a better seat. Once I got on the bus, I did find a seat right in the front but I had to share it with another passenger.

The signs located in your waiting area are confusing and outdated. Are we not in the 21st century? You need to update your signs or have signs that are as good as or better than PUBLIC TRANSIT, the iron horse. I will never use your service again. I expect to get what I pay for and this was not the case. If I do not receive a response to this letter, in one week, I will be forced to take further action.

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Aug 11, 2022 7:22 am EDT
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I’m a weekly commuter from Mt. Pocono. I take the 4 am bus, which should be getting to Port Authority no later than 5:50 am, which almost every driver does, even sooner, with the exception of Walter, don’t know his last name. Andy was moved and since that move, I haven’t been at my job on time. Though Walter is a nice man, I believe he’s not supposed to be driving. Not only he’s extra slow, but he be swerving in the lanes. On Tuesday, 8/9th, the 2:30 pm bus didn’t have a/c, and he looked well. On top of swerving, he made a stop, didn’t tell anyone why, though I believe it was bec he wasn’t feeling well. Walter doesn’t look well to be driving a bus. God forbid something happens, you, Martz, will have a lot of people suing you. Today, 8/11th, we got to Port Authority 10 mins after 6, super late to work.

So on top of a fare increase, closing the west end stop, and spending a lot of money in gas, now we have to deal with safety and late to work every day.

Disgusted customer

Apr 27, 2017 3:03 pm EDT
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My brother purchased a ticket from Greyhound to Newark N.J. I went to the Martz bus terminal in Mount Pocono P.A. to change the ticket. I was told you can change the date and time but not the destination so I purchased a new ticket. The old ticket was suppose to have the date and time changed but the whole ticket was changed destination as well. This process took 1:45 minutes so I have two tickets for one person. What was the point of purchasing a new ticket? The representative clearly does not have a clue of what she was doing. I called the company on several occasions and no response was given by terminal director Lisa Rolland. Is it that you just don't care or that you have my money now so its done. I paid $66.05 for a new ticket and $20.00 to change a ticket plus the original price of ticket $43.00 to travel from Mount Pocono PA to Baltimore MA now that is in sane. No good customer service with Martz Bus Company. In need of lots of training.


Complete Incompetence! There is no water in bathrooms and we were stuck at Tampa for thirty minutes and they wouldnt let us off bus! They stopped in Lakeland with no one getting on or off wasting an hour.

Feb 23, 2016 10:01 am EST

When is Martz Trailways going to modify seats and place dividers to keep overweight people from encroaching into other customer's seats? If a divider needs to be removed, then those people need to pay for (2) seats. I have sciatica, and when large overweight people ask to sit next to me, and I refuse. When they sit down next to me, my upper body is forced to one side at an angle, which places strain on my lower back and making sitting very uncomfortable. The airlines resolved this issue by making overweight people pay for 2 seats. All busses and metro trains throughout the United States should be subjected to the same scrutiny. Put a stop to excessiveness!

Feb 14, 2016 10:16 am EST
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I would like to why there is no heat on the bus from DWG? It is extremely inhumane to be travelling from Stroudsburg to NYC without heat, in below zero weather. I take the 4:45 on Sundays and the bus is without heat. its quite unfair to charge so much for fare, and cannot or will not meet the basic needs of your commuters. SHAME ON YOU!

Nov 15, 2012 1:14 am EST

Greyhound is just as bad, I wish to (insert Deity of choice) Jersey Transit had a Pocono line, I swear I'd go all the way to Jersey to go to the Poconos, I literally do to go to Philly! I have a place in Brigantine and half the time I crash there first because its a more comfortable, nicer ride with a disabled discount. The prices are RIDICULOUS! For such a short ride! Even Amtrack gives a 20% discount!