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The worst company you can ever work for, if your a fresher and looking for some quick organizational experience Marcus Evans is the place to be for a few week's.

Try to avoid joining this company as its managed by a bunch of looser, low esteemed individual's who haven't had a decent career, and don't intend to do anything with their life.

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May 21, 2011 11:33 pm EDT

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian Smith
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 4:14 PM
To: Sophie Capiau
Cc: Sean Mifsud; Alan Brady
Subject: To Sophie Capiau - Never too late to change

Dear Sophie,

I just wanted to send you some holiday greetings before the holidays and to provide you with some wishful thinking on my behalf. I have never encountered such an uncompassionate, intrusive, rude and hypocritical person in my working experience. You set an example of what not to do as a manager and are perceived as a "bully".

I will admit that you are a decent sales person because of your confrontational nature, but you are a horrible manager and in the process create a hostile work atmosphere. All you do is handle your accounts and wait for others to leave the company to take theirs... it explains a lot of the sales revenue generated by you. If you are not on the company phone speaking to existing accounts then you are speaking to family & friends in Flemish thinking no one else can understand, so you can get away with it. On another note, your insecurity is rather obvious due to your jealousy of your sisters' intellect and success.

Also, it is extremely unprofessional to speak badly of other managers and workers at Marcus Evans to other colleagues. For example, you do this frequently with Alan who is the exact opposite of you in almost every way. You undermine Alan by informing his and your team (behind his back as usual) that his approach is wrong or flawed.

I took the liberty of providing you a list of books to purchase for your development. Some are obvious choices and I included some books to improve your English which is poor, but ironically you are more than willing to incorrectly correct English speakers on grammar. Here is the list of some highly recommended books for your reading to improve as a manager/person:
Oxford Dictionary of English
How to Listen So That People Will Talk
Good English - How to Speak and Write It
How to Manage People (Creating Success)
Oxford Paperback Thesaurus
A Grammar Book for You and I (Oops, Me): All the Grammar You Need to Succeed in Life (Capital Ideas)

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with my true identity because it would jeopardize my job, but I hope one day I will be able to confront you personally. In the mean time I took the liberty of CC'ing Sean and Alan in the email for their best interests. Also, I am unwilling to admit if I Bcc'd anyone else from Marcus Evans for their own protection.

BTW Sean, I highly recommend you do a few things to improve the situation at the Barcelona office and to make your job much easier: Firstly, you should provide all persons working with or for Sophie to be provided the book: "A Survival Guide for Working with Bad Bosses: Dealing With Bullies, Idiots, Back-stabbers, And Other Managers from Hell"
Secondly, review Sophie's phone account and the numbers used. Most likely, you will find some discrepancies.
And lastly, you should implement "Exit Interviews" for anyone who has been working with Sophie to see the truth and harm that she does for the company.

A concerned and affected person.

P.S. Sophie, I would advice you to stop doing two things:
1. Informing people that you attended Law school only to leave it for
Marcus Evans... it just indicates that you are a "drop out" and could not handle it for the obvious reasons.
2. Stop using that pitiful Leonardo da Vinci presentation during employees induction week... you insult the great man.

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