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CB Casinos Review of Luxary Casino
Luxary Casino

Luxary Casino review: Deposit not received

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8:31 pm EST
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I deposited $150.00 to the casino re etransfer interac, the casino states every excuse you can imagine, they have told me they put it in my casino account (Not True) they have no documentation to prove otherwise, then they told me they put it in my bank account (Not True) I have sent them receipts more lies they said they deposited them, What a crooked casino, will let everyone who plays the slots to stay away from this casino

Update by Bernard15
Dec 06, 2022 7:58 pm EST

I have been waiting for my deposit through etransfer that did not go through to the casino account, the casino states they put it into my casino account (lies) then the casino says they put it into my bank account (lies) they have more stories than planters has peanuts, trust me do not gable a cent at this casino, you definitely will be sorry

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