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Logistics Plus US LLC, a.k.a. "Shipping Plus"

Logistics Plus US LLC, a.k.a. "Shipping Plus" review: Complaint

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At the end of October, I applied for a job through the Career Builder website and got hired at Shipping Plus. I was hired to receive or pick up packages, verify their content, upload a picture to the company's dashboard, and then ship them to a destination provided by the company via a shipping label printed from said dashboard. I worked for them for the last month under the understanding that they would pay me in a month for the first paycheck and then bi-weekly thereafter. The salary promised was $2000 per month base salary and $50 or $100 per package processed depending on if the package was mailed to me ($50) or if I had to go physically to pick up the package ($100). From November 7th to December 8th, I processed over 30 packages for them. Based on what was showing on the dashboard, they were supposed to have paid me last Wednesday, 12/7, $4,275 (gross). On Thursday (12/08/22), I sent a text to my "supervisors" to help me find out why I had not received my paycheck since I couldn't get through to the accounting department. The phone number provided for the accounting department was useless since it's an automated system on a loop and you can't reach anybody. Starting Friday, 12/9, I was no longer able to log in to the website and nobody is returning my calls or texts. On 12/13, I tried to log in again to no avail. I am hereby filling a formal complaint with you the Better Business Bureau. If I don't get satisfaction from this situation, I am also prepared to file a lawsuit against Shipping Plus AND Career Builder for false advertising, fraud, and taking advantage of a senior citizen since I'm a retired teacher. I was looking for some extra money to supplement my pension due to the bad economy and this is what I got. I ended up using my own money to buy supplies on the understanding that Shipping Plus was going to initially reimburse me and then send me supplies on a monthly basis. I also spent money on gas and tolls going around town to pick up packages. Here I am at the end of the month, without a job and losing money that I cannot afford to lose. When I searched their address, I found that the address belongs to an empty, metal structure that is currently being offered for sale/lease. My search also revealed that "Shipping Plus" is actually Logistics Plus US LLC, company #1290236, with an incorporation date of 5/30/22, and they are incorporated in Montana. Given the fraudulent practices of this "company" and Career Builder's failure to verify their legitimacy, while posting their job openings on their website, please be advised that I am copying this email to AARP, the Department of Labor, and a local tv news station that investigates cases like this.

Desired outcome: At the very least, I would like to get paid what I was promised and reimbursed for my expenses. I worked very diligently to earn that money and you can interview my family to verify how well I worked.

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