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The heart monitor is a poorly designed product with even worse customer service. The product is a hacked cell phone that was "customized" and whose battery quickly depleted; the hanging neck harness was unnecessarily large and clumsy and had electrical leads that came out with minor normal movement; and, the body sensors which have a gel adhesive were always falling off. Long story short, it was unusable and I was billed an extraordinary fee for a product that did not perform the required task. As for the "techs", they are offshore and tend to call at ungodly hours because it is convenient for them. Difficult to understand them as well. Overall, a very frustrating experience which I shared with my physician and his staff. If you have an alternative choice, take it.


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    trezac Mar 15, 2014
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    Exactly the same experience as I have had, plus my sensor wouldn't communicate with the cell phone. When I disconnected the leads (to take a shower), the cell phone didn't know that it wasn't actively monitoring me any more. Lifewatch wouldn't have had a clue if I had dropped dead. They promised a replacement monitor in overnight mail. Four days later, it hasn't arrived, and Fedex shows no status for the tracking number. Stay away from these guys.

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    JeuMeu Jul 03, 2020
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    I'm 72 years of age. I received my "Life time / Lumen watch" with nearly- 4-week delay. I read the "Instruction Manual" several times, and I'm not the wiser for it. It's pure double Dutch. If you are not a computer or smart phone expert, you cant' even implemented this bl...gadget (watch).
    The advertisment said : "waterproof (50 m max.)", the Notice book recommends NOT to use it in water!!! Useless for an old-man who sails most of his time and want to have his heart pulse, pressure and oxygen monitored...
    Customer and Assistance service keep harping on the same string : "Read the manual !"
    They are totally hopeless. And call you "Chum" readily!!! Education is totally unknown to them...
    I wrote for help over the phone, they kept sending incoherent mails without answering my need for help.
    God, Alllah and Buha damn them for ever!
    To top it up, the French help service is in Spain... Why not Hong-Kong ??? No local correspondant, except in S. Ireland.
    Impossible to get any address where to to send the watch back and be refund.
    A fine instance of Internet swindle.
    Joe (Fr)

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