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Lifetime Fitness Schaumburg IL review: I was physically attacked by another member in the locker

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On June 12, 2023 about 7:30 AM I went to the locker to change and go to the pool, I put my bag on the bench. An individual opened the locker next to me and told me that I had to remove my bag because he was going to see there. I saw no reason for that and I said no and kept on changing.

He continued telling me that I had to move the bag or he will do it for me. I did not understand the attitude and finished changing and proceed moving away from the locker area. I did not touch or get anywhere close to his individual, in fact, I tried to move away from him and that was when he attacked on my back and hit me harshly on my face, filling my mouth with blood.

I did not understand why he did that and was very puzzled for a while. I had never been attacked in this way and I don't know how to defend myself. I asked him why he did that and he started yelling aggressively and charge again, I step as far as I could. Although there are no cameras and he was careful to attacked me where nobody was looking, many other members heard him and came to check on me afterwards.

Although it seemed that he just came to the gym, he quickly took his bags and left. An employee of Lifetime called Isaac seemed to know him very well and told me he was a good person and walked with him while talking to him in a friendly way. Isaac also saw the blood coming out of my mouth and went to accompany the attacker. Many other members talked to me and expressed their support.

I stayed at the gym for another hour, went to the pool, shower and eventually went to the front desk and file an incident report. One employee called me afterwards and told me that this other individual was going to be banned from the gym. He told me that the manager was going to call me when she comes back from vacation.

I waited two weeks and got no call from the managed. I was surprised as it seemed to be a major incident. I called and asked for the manager, and she told me that they decided to do nothing. I asked him if the person who attacked me denied that he hit me in the face and she said no. I asked her how was possible that the club allowed somebody who accepted physically attacking a member, and she said that because they never had a problem with him in the past, she sees no reason to take any action on it. This does not make any sense to me at all. She said that he was not going to be denied access to the club.

I did not provoke or attacked this person physically or verbally, he was altered from the beginning and many people heard him screaming out of control. I found unbelievable that the club allows a person who ADMITTED HITTING SOMEBODY ELSE IN THE FACE to come to the club.

I talked to my lawyer and he says that I can file battery charges. However, the fact that there is no camera in the locker and nobody saw him when he attack me, makes it difficult to sustain the case. Obviously he knew what he was doing or had experience on this type of attack.

As indicated in this complaint, I already filed an incident report, waited for a response from the club, and proactively call them, and the manager decided to do nothing on it. I have her contact information if needed. Since I have no proactive answer from the club, I decided to file this complain here hoping to protect other people to be attacked. As they say, if you see something, say something. God forbids something tragical happens in the club which could be prevented with reasonable measures.

As I explained to the club, I come with a kid to the pool sometimes, although I stick to the one in Warrenville now. It seems that I am the one banned from Schaumburg's club for safety reasons, while this individual is allowed to come freely and potentially attacked anybody else anytime.

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