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Citezens beware!! Lethbridge regional hospital is the worst hospital in the history of this planet! My spouse and I have made about 5 visits to this hospital since living here and everytime it is the same [censored]in thing! A) a doctor at this hospital almost killed my husband by making too big of an incision in the process of inserting a lung tube causing him to be admitted for 4 days and nights when he would have been perfectly okay had the procedure been done correctly in the first place. B) during his stay, a nurse pocketed his morning pain killer and tried to say he got it when we inquired about the missing medication. C) nurses and doctors at this hospital have zero compassion or empathy for the patient nor the patients family. Power trippin to the max these inconsiderate beings are quick to dismiss any concern and talk around questions insofar as not to answer them directly. D) out of all the hospitals I have visited lethbridge is the worst for the care and attention people need when they have to go to the hospital. For the reasons listed above and after hearing stories from various sources, I have come to the conclusion that this hospital is inadaquate for the treatment of ill health and would rather die before ever returning to its halls of hell. Disorganized, unskilled, unprofessional, dishonest, unfit, inappropriate, rude, useless, disturbing, and everything else I can't think of at the moment but you probably get the idea.

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  • Wt
    wtf0987 Feb 05, 2013

    I agree i have been to the lethbridge hospital several times, never less then a 4hour wait even with an appointment. Cut my hand open bleeding all over the place i waited 8 hours in an almost empty waiting room. Then got transferred to the wrong area where i waited for people like some lady's heel hurt when she walked. Came after me and was dealt with before me. I have always tried to be polite there was some guy in the waiting room causing a scene over a little hot water burn he got 3 yes "3" weeks ago. I know of the guy, he's a local druggie. Was given drugs, go figure, and sent on his way. Once again showed up after me and left before. I looked it up and technically a laceration that big they're not supposed to close after 4-5 hours. 8 hours after i got to the hospital i finally saw a doc who wouldn't touch it. As they said there was major tendon damage. And it needed to be surgically repaired. And ya this story goes on and on. I am currently typing this waiting hour #2 for an appointment set for 2 hours ago to check up on the hand., normally i would just walk out, but i am having problems with the hand. Sigh

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  • Ta
    tamaira Nov 12, 2013

    This hospital is the absolute worst I have ever been to . The wait times are insane unless you have a cough or a cold in which case you are allowed in prior to those bleeding and in need of stiches . We waited 4 hours for them to see my 4 yr old who needed stiches in his back and was bleeding, needless to say we gave up and went home . We were sick of waiting and waiting while drunk people and people with colds got in first . My husband went in this weekend after a lot of proding from me because we are pretty sure he has broken ribs and a broken arm from an accident at work and the doctor treated him like my husband was just seeking time off work and refused to even do xrays or even understand the tyoe of accident he had . The triage nurses are a big part of the problem in how patients are treated by the doctors .

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  • Cr
    Craig Brezina May 02, 2017

    paid to be a ### in er

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  • Me
    melmatt Jan 10, 2019

    my spouse had a growth and lesion on his arm after seeing doctors for over 10 yrs they found out it was cancer and operated right away, he was given a clean bill of health cancer free within the yr after he started losing weight and the lymph node under his arm swelled up a doctor lanced it knowing it was the same arm he had cancer on and sent him on his way we then ended up in emergency and doctors numerous times with a huge hole under his arm pit and sent home, finally a main artery burst open and i called an ambulance it was so bad the ambulance thought he was stabbed they finally took a biopsy and it came back as cancer and when the doctor looked at the previous ct scans the lump was there a yr before, after numerous testing and ambulance rides to calgary he was deceased in just a few months, the lethbridge hospital nurses were not compassionate at all, there were times when we were cleaning his bed pan as feces were still on it the room was always dirty and they didnt have anyone qualified in hospice to take care of an epidural so he had to stay on the 4th floor to die at 37 in a hospital room

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  • Me
    melmatt Jan 10, 2019

    they need more qualified staff to deal with terminally ill people

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  • Ca
    cat69 Nov 30, 2019

    There is a nurse aide in dialysis shelly izmalowich who has been off for a year and has had one impared and now has another and is going to jail for three months. why is her job saved?

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