The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Lend Americagiving out private info to third parties

Here is a copy of an email I sent to Lend America. Their answere to my complaint was to villify me for having bad credit as iff this whole thing was my fault that they where terriable!

Also my name and number was given wihout my consent to a legal office that does home modification. I feel that I should have been notified of the fact that I was not getting the loan by some fromn you company and not a person who does not work for you. I was looking to refinance not modify my mortgage. Wolfgang told me in any eariler conversation that you (LendAmerica) did not deal with any outside loan modifcation companys. I also feel put upon to have paid for an apprasial and now be expected to pay for a modification. Unless this matter is resolved I feel it is my duty to report your company to FTC and the BBB.
1. In regards to the refinance on my mortgage. I started this process in April. I never received a call back from your company. I called back and spoke to Wolfgang. He gave me the confidence in your company to continue to work with it instead of going to another company. He ordered an appraisal and everything was going well until I found out he was no longer working for your company. I had planed to use some of the cash back to pay my taxes but... the next person who was assigned to my case was Brian Dowling. He was not very good at returning calls and requested lots of information. I was very quick to get this info to him but every time I finally got him on the phone...he needed more information, i.e. LOE's, more pay stubs, doctors notes. I complied with everything even tough I felt like I was jumping through hoops! I finally contacted Chris Ryan, Brian's supervisor to find out the status of my loan. Again more information was requested. I was easier to contact Chris and he finally had the document expeditor Pinchas Barwigdor contact me directly to get all the paper work he required. Things finally started moving along and the file went to the under writer. Now I find I am being denied the loan due to back taxes. I did offer th borrow the money from my mother-in-law even though I feel if the loan had been done in May or the beginning of June I would have been able to pay those taxes before they where listed as past due. Apparently the underwriter is not pleased with my score or the back taxes. If this is the case fine. I feel you have wasted 3 ½ months of my life on a loan that was never going to happen and I can not in all fairness recommend you to ANYONE else. I feel if the underwriter felt so strongly about my loan, LendAmerica should have been up-front instead of wasting my time and theirs. I really need this refinance due to difficult financial constraints of having a disabled child and the need to give her the attention she requires. I wonder if I had gone to one of your competitors if this would have been taken care of months ago.
Deborah L Dean
Here is the copy of my complaint to the Attorney General of Iowa and New York as well as Ginnie Mae and the FHA

Deborah L Dean

My complaint is against the direct lender Ideal Mortgage Bankers, LTD. Dba Lend America. I was trying to refinance my home with an FHA loan. My complaint is that they gave personal information to a third party mortgage modification attorney without my consent, lied to me and generally treated me like insignificant trash. Here is everything thing that happened while dealing with this company.
I called Lend America’s toll free number in March of this year. I was told that they would run my credit and get back to me by Monday. A week later I still had not heard back so I called again and spoke to Wolfgang. He told me he would personally handle my account. It took a few days for him to access my information. He said he was waiting for a supervisor to unlock everything because he did not want to run my credit again. He told I qualified and he was ordering an apprisal that I would have to pay for. A third party contacted me and they set up the apprisal. I took almost two weeks to get the appraiser out here and then another week to get the report. I was in contact with Wolfgang during this whole process. He wanted to do the mortgage in both mine and my husbands name. There were several bills we would be paying off and the rate would be 5.5%. Closing cost would be around $3900. I am enclosing the copy of my credit report that he emailed me. My score was 534 and my husband was 560, which are within the FHA guidelines. I tried calling Wolfgang for 5 days with no return to my calls. I finally called the general number and spoke to the first person who answered. I told them I was looking for Wolfgang and they told me I would need to talk to Chris Ryan. They transferred me to Jeremy Shippy. I called back and used the prompt for the directory and got Chris’s extension. I called him several time and did not leave a message. I finally reached him and asked him what was going on. This is mid May. He told me Wolfgang was no longer with them and Brian Dowling would be handling my case. He gave me his extension. I called and left a message. I did not hear from him so I called back the next day several times without leaving a message until I reached him. I appeared they had not received my apprisal. I called the Management company and had them resend the apprisal. I finally reached Brian the next day and he told me we would be closing soon. He gave me three different closing dates. He sent me a package Fed EX that I signed paperwork about rates and such. I was getting 6%. He said the rates went up. Closing cost where 8900. He said I had to pay a lot of “points” because of the low amount of the loan and the credit score. He had Funding Suite contact my creditors and agree to pay them for me. They called my currant Mortgage Co (CITI Bank Rep. Jodie [protected]) and asked her inappropriate questions twice once with me on the phone in a conference call. Jodie called and told me about the first time. Then Brian told me then need additional information. I got it back to him within a day. Then he need more information. This took awhile since he need a letter from my daughter’s doctor saying she was disabled. This is now July and the Doctor was on Vacation. I still had it back to him within 10 days. Then he needed more information. Again I got it back to him within the day. Each time I talked to him I asked if I was getting this loan. He said yes it was just taking awhile because my credit score was so low. He finally stopped returning my calls and I got back in touch with Chris. He told me he would be handling my case personally. We talked several times and he requested additional information as well. Again I complied quickly and again I continued to ask if I was getting this loan. Again I was told I was but it was taking awhile again due to the low score. He had the document expediter call me directly and he request more information. I complied quickly again! Chris told me it was going to the underwriter. I called Monday and he said the underwriter was looking at it to call back that evening. I called and did not reach him. I called on Tuesday and he told me not to keep calling him HE would call me as soon as he heard something. I got an email from him later that afternoon to call him ASAP. I called and he asked if his associate had reached me and I said no. I asked what number and he had been calling on my fax so I told him I would unplug my fax and what for his call. About 20 min later I got a call from a man named David and he told me he worked for an Attorney that did debt consolidation and other things as well as mortgage modifications.. He said that Chris had asked him to call me hoping he could help me since I did not get the loan. I was angry and embarrassed ! I flat out asked him how much this was going to coast me. He said they could cut my payment in half. How much I asked again. He told me maybe nothing but probably around 500 to 600. He would call me back. He would not give me his number or the name of the law office but he could also tell I was mad. I sent an email to Frank Lagrega and Michael Ashley telling them why I was upset with their company. Frank called me . The upshot of the conversation was that my credit was terrible and I should have expected not to get financed. Did I really feel I needed to lodge a formal complaint? Chris would be fired if I did and was I really that mean of a person? Chris called me that night and let me know that he was just helping me and now I was going to get him fired unless I changed my story. That they would give me my appraisal fee back but if I complained to the Attorney General’s office, he would lose his job and I would get nothing. I spoke to Frank aging the next day and again listened to how bad my credit was and how they did everything possible to help me. I wanted to speak to Frank’s supervisor and he told me I could speak to the head of underwriting. I told them they where not listening to me . I understood that I did not get the loan and that I wanted to fell that I mattered, my business mattered I wanted the time I had wasted back and not to have payed for an appraisal. Again they went on about my terrible credit. I started to interrupt and was told that he had let me speak now I needed to let him speak. They had tried everything they could but could not get my loan approved due to my credit and they could not sell it to their investors that if they funded this loan they may be stuck with it. I told him that I did not want to hear about my credit anymore that they where rubbing salt into wounds. I didn’t care about not getting the loan and they weren’t going to make me think that the way I was treated was justified due to my:”lousy credit score. I was mislead, lied to, my information released to a third party, and then made to feel small and delinquent . I said I had a complaint and I felt they could not correct the situation unless it was brought to their attention and that is what I was doing and their answer was to NOT Listen to ME! Frank agreed to mail out a check for the appraisal fees and then he sent me an email which I will enclose. I don’t think a company that is Ginnie Mae certified should treat people the way I was treated and if they will not address the problem they should be held accountable.


  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Sep 03, 2009

    Plese also visit and tell me you Lend America Story good or bad thanks!

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  • Li
    LISUCKS! Sep 03, 2009

    Call the Banking Department of NY @ [protected]

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  • Jo
    Johnny Miller Sep 21, 2009

    I agree that this company is a big snobby bunch who did the same thing to me.I was treated very bad by an Lend America rep.who did not even know how to began to start a loan for refinancing.He went through many details, then said for a previous thing from years gone by with credit, and then said they do not refinance certain homes.Why could he not began the process by stating what they do refinance.Never will deal with them again.Hope Fox News drops their add.

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  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Sep 23, 2009

    Answers? I Think Not!

    After many days, (this complaint was forwarded on the 25 of August!) Lend America has finally responded to my complaint. Remember I had five simple questions I wanted answered and to refresh your memory here they are:

    1. How did this happen?
    2. Who was involved?
    3. Why did this happen?
    4. Who let it happen?
    5. What are they going to do to insure this doesn't happen again?

    Now here is their answer:

    Date Septemebr 20, 2009

    Dear Marti Robovsky,

    We have recieved and reviewed the complaint forwarded on behalf of Deborah L Dean. A review of the loan evidences that Lend America reviewed all pertinent information but was unable to render an approval. During the course of processing a loan, we exaimine other programs that the applicant may be eligible for. Lend America will not share confidential informantion with non-affliated third parties without expressed premission from the applicant. We understand the concerns regarding this loan. As such, we have taken a proactive approach to ensure the privacy and integrity of each borrower is maintained and safeguarded.

    Yours truly
    Cherud Wilkerson
    Chief Compliance Officer
    [protected] ext 2228

    Now excuse me but what is this drival? It's not even well written! Did I recieve any answeres? The State of Iowa is going back in for round two and I will keep you posted!
    Will keep this and my blog at updated as I hear and learn more!

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  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Oct 06, 2009

    Well. the 15 day dedline has come and gone and Lend America is late AGAIN in responding to Iowa! WIll keep everyone posted on their responce when we Finally get it.

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  • Fa
    fairhousing Oct 08, 2009

    Debby here is my email address:

    [email protected]

    [protected] or [protected] ext 312

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  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Oct 08, 2009

    Update on my complaint. Mr. Wilkerson called my fraud investigetor early last week to tell her that they had not done this. My investigator said that was fine but, the State of Iowa required that in writing! It has been 12 days and we still don't have this in writing! I was also told two months ago that Cris Ryan had been fired but I found out today that up until last week he was still working for them and only left because he got a better job. How can you trust someone who lies more than they tell the truth!

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  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Oct 12, 2009

    I would love to see them put something in wrtitng that is unture and I will have them in court so fast... they won't know what hit them. DOn't they understand that I HATE being lied too! It's like there saying I don't matter and I don't deserve better treatment. Wrong!!!

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  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Oct 16, 2009

    Here is the link
    This should be interesting reading!

    Thursday, October 15, 2009
    Update On Lend America Scam.

    I have learned from an unnamed source that Lend America is about to enter the wholesale loan business. The goal is to dump a lot of bad loans on the market and declare bankruptcy. They can then buy back this bad debt at a fraction of the cost, foreclose on these homes and make a huge profit off the sale of these properties. I guess they where not making enough padding the closing costs they have sunk to a new low and found another way to rip our government and the people off. I truly feel sorry for Michael Primeu who is the Company head on paper and who will most likely take the fall for Micheal Ashley's scams. You can always ask Michael's father about that. I wonder if this will be another power play between Primeu and the government with Ashley caught in the middle. If you believe that have I got the mortgage for you.

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  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Oct 20, 2009

    Well. Looks like Lend America and Mike Ashley will get what is coming to him! Anyone interested in a Class Action Lawsuite contact me at [protected] or Attorney Steve Wandro at [protected]. No one deserves the treatment they have mented out!

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  • Ho
    Hope P Oct 21, 2009

    Luckily they stopped this company before they became "To Big To Fail". People like this are killing my industry with their greedy, self absorbed and short sighted get rich at the expense of everyone. jail is to good for these people.

    How smug to think you could move into the old American Home Building and scam Uncle Sam and the public out of billions of dollars. From what I hear Mr. Ashley believe's he is the "Teflon Don" of the mortgage industry.

    If there are any honest employees that got caught up in this "Jonestown" of a company, know that there are honest brokers and bankers out there to work for. Start looking for a new job now as all of those displaced employees who do not find themselves in jail, will be fighting for the same jobs.

    Honesty and Integrity still exist in Huntington.

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  • Ml
    mlbfan246 Oct 31, 2009

    Still nothing in writing. I am so glad that they get to follow a different set of rules and laws then the rest of us. 15 days is 15 days! Come on Lend America! Get with the program! I want my answers!

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  • Le
    LendAmericaExExployee Oct 25, 2010

    It all caught up to them in the end...thankfully.

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