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Law Office Of Chrystel L. Gavlin P.C. review: She will lie on you and has no regards to anyone

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Ms. Gavlin was assigned to our case after my daughters father who had hardly ever seen her since she was 1 yr old. (since we split up), claimed that I was "unfit" and "unstable". (wanted custody/ at age 14!) I explained to gavlin that he no longer wanted to pay child support and wanted to claim her on his taxes. He set me up and had the cops called on me 3 times. All 3 times, I was never arrested. The cops new I did nothing wrong. Yet she used 3 blank police reports in court aginst me. She told me we both had to pay her $600 right away. I did not have the money at the time. (obviously he did) she told me I had to contact her to make an appt. For myself and my daughter to talk to her before the next courtdate. (she was suppose to decide wether there was abuse or not going on) right away I called her 9 times! (left messages with her secretary) never recieved a call back! Finally right before the next and last courtdate, I spoke with her, and myself and my daughter talked to her for about 20 mins each. After 1 of the incidents with the cops being called, I had hit my daughter with a belt. (not a usual thing) she refused to put her sheet on her bed. (she was giving me a hard time because her father and his wife were putting things in her head to convince her she should live with them, saying they would buy her this and that and she would go to school with her cousin; which was a lie.) I specifically explained to gavlin that my daughter was just being stubborn so each time I hit her, I gave her a chance to do what I asked of her. Each time she did not do it, I hit her again until she finally listened. I even showed gavlin a report from dcfs of me which said "unfounded". Which means they interviewed us and even they knew there was no abuse to report! At our next courtdate, gavlin looked up and smiled at my ex husband before we went up to the judge. She told the judge that I could not control my anger and my daugter should go to her father! She said I "continuously hit her 25 times with the belt until she stopped screaming! (a lie) I was in complete shock! After two courtdates and 45 mins of speaking with myself and my daughter total, she made the worst decision she could ever make in her life, ruining our lives with her blank police reports and lies! When I asked her why she lied and said I hit her"continuously", and"until she stopped screaming"after court, she just said;"you said you felt you'd never be good enough for your mother, and your daughter said the same thing about you; the cycle has to stop."even a therapist would know that they would not be able to come up with a"diagnosis" of something like that after only 20 mins of talking to someone, and 3 blank police reports! Not to mention, she was suppose to look for abuse, not play therapist with lies! For the record, I only seen my daughter 1 time since she was taken away, (have no visitation) and she told us they call her names, and she s never home because she hates being there, yet she doesn't want to live with us (myself and my other two kids) because she likes her friends whom she claims she drinks and smokes with. It was very depressing seeing her because she is a totally different child (for the worst, and there s nothing that I can do about it) I worked hard to get us out of that area when my daughter was younger, and now she s stuck there!

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Jan 07, 2012 7:14 am EST

My daughter was returned back to us several months ago. Its very unfortunate what she had to go through with her Father and his wife, but we are just trying to put it all behind us now. We are just so happy that she is safe at home again.

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Nov 10, 2021 12:25 pm EST
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My daughter is 25 years old now. She hasn't contacted her father or his wife since she came back home. I knew about the "little" things they had done to her like not giving her heat or air in a "bedroom" in their attic, not giving her a winter coat and making her walk to school (she found an old coat of her dad's in basement she said she wore), taking away the coat my grandmother bought her the one time she visited her in those 2 yrs..along with her other clothes and "gifts" they had given her, going on a beach trip w their son without her while intentionally waving and smiling at her leaving while she walked down the street to a friend's house, forcing her to call the step "mom".. "mom" and getting reprimanded for saying she missed me when asked by her. (And other things, list goes on) However, she just recently told me that her father choked her in her bed until she passed out one night because she came in past curfew, and their then 2 year old son would go around telling her he was gonna "kill her in her sleep" because he d heard his mom and dad tell her that. She said she never though anyone would believe her and he owns a gun, which made her extremely afraid of him. It's such a shame people like Gavlin can just destroy children's lives like that by there careless decisions, which to this day I still believe it was based on the fact that she got his money, not mine. (I still don't regret not paying that woman)

Oct 27, 2015 12:49 pm EDT

After judge gavlin gave me an order of protection she than behind my back gave this crazy access to my property. He destroyed my lawn I would call the Bolingbrook police they did nothing. They laughed at judge gavlin and said who would be crazy enough to give you a no contact order when he lives across the street less than a 1000 I said the judge did you wanna see, he said no...wth I have video cameras and officer Simpson said he did an investigation. Case number 2015OP000142 it terrible you can't get any justice.

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Oct 11, 2014 12:42 pm EDT

That's why I chose to move far away from Will County a long time ago. They treat humans like cattle. Automatically everyone's a criminal unless your paying an attorney.

Oct 11, 2014 12:37 pm EDT

Guess that's what they look for in a Will County judge.. a liar?