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[protected]@D Group is not a good rental company here in Euclid Ohio at the Harbor Crest Apts. They rented me an apartment in Sept of 2007, when they knew they where having a roach problem. I moved out exactly one day after moving in with my three children. The apt was nasty, not properly painted,and the toilets i found out later on that evening did not flush properly.They knew when i pd them the 200.00 application fee back in Aug of 2007 that there was a problem,and they did not address the problem then nor has it been properly addressed now because i hear that that apt was immediately rented out after i left, and was just sprayed and not fumigated the way it should have been. They cause my family a lot of heart ache, and interrupted our lives. I had to move an additional time, lost my appliances and had to purchase new ones, and what i did not get new i had to get back from the people i had sold my old appliance to and beg to have them store them until i could go back to the home i came from and get utilities cut back on, and up root my children from school. They had no problem letting me out of my lease because i told them that i was going to the Euclid Health Dept,about their unsafe housing conditions, and i did contact the Health Dept and file a complaint but i don't think anything was ever done.I am now in the process of suing them for my moving expenses, which they don't feel they should have to pay, but they would have been able to sue me for up to a year if i broke the lease, and they also have a clause on there rental agreement that they will sure your next to kin if you happen to die while under their lease. How stupid! I feel that they should be held responsible for all the frustration and aggravation that they have cause me and my family like they would have held me responsible if the shoe would have been on the other foot {mine}. Do not rent from them at all they don't care about their tenants they are only collecting rent. The BBB of Cleveland Ohio states that they have been a member for the last 36 months and the have over 36 complaints and have only resolved 20. This a terrible record. All of their properties here in Cleveland Ohio have been rated poor by at least one of their tenants and this goes all the back to 2006 to the present. I will never recommend nor have anything good to say about this money hungry management group who is being allowed to monopolize and take over property at the expense of their tenants.


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    Anna Michelle Dec 16, 2015
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    Back in the day I have lived in the Harbor Crest apartments; it was when they were known as Americana apartments. I stayed in a studio by the elevator in the West Building. Never had roach problem though, but there were a few things that needed fixed. Of course the management had dragged their feet for several years and nothing was done. Finally I have decided the time has come to put my best foot down. I put together a letter saying basically that if they don't fix what needs fixed, my next rent goes to the city. I sent it by fax and I know for a fact that it had made an impression. (I was current in my rent). It worked like a magic! It took them 3 days to get done what couldn't be done in over 3 years. That including the fridge that wouldn't keep ice cream frozen. The apartments still tried to get around this and wanted my signature that I'm satisfied. I wrote yes but with the exception of the fridge. Guess what? I had a brand new fridge then!!

    A true story.

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    Shania Twann Dec 16, 2015

    I live in Water's Edge and the apartments DO NOT rent out for the prices which they advertise!!! They're much higher!!! This isn't a gated community and I wouldn't advise anyone to live here especially with a property manager, Rashella Sanders whose inconsiderate and rude who doesn’t have an issue evicting elderly and disabled tenants. She randomly advices her tenants out of the blue that she'll no longer renew their lease without cause or reason either. This building is infested with roaches and bedbugs plus you can't forget about the nonstop prostitution and drug activity that goes in and out of this building everyday (none of which management does a thing to fix). The maintenance team slowly and cheaply fixes things and sometimes things don't get fixed period and you, the tenant get stuck repairing it yourself. The pool isn't included, you've got to pay every year for a pool pass. The elevators are breaking down on a consistent regular basis. The garbage compactor often gets shut down because someone ends up breaking it. Forget about peace and quiet. The view might be gorgeous but this place surely isn't. Go, run and don't look here because you'll be sorry as so many others. This place is like living hell. People fighting, kids screaming and mentally ill tenants, drug dealers and drug users, alcoholics...the list continues on!!! I'm no tenant ### either!!! I've paid my tent and never violated the lease!!! I've been here 3 years and often I clean up this place when those who get paid to do it don't!!! It's always cold in the winter and almost too hot in the summer (the air conditioner only works for the living room area not the entire apartment)!!! The security isn't worth crap because all they do is fall asleep on the job, sometimes leaving early or their in a tenants apartment (not doing their job)!!! I moved into this place and the apartment was filthy and smelled absolutely horrendous!!! They don't accept responsibility and make the tenant seem like they're the problem yet in my case I'm not the issue!!! I've gone over and beyond as a tenant, done more then what's required because that's my nature yet the thanks I get in a manager whose nothing, but an a**!!!

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  • Qw
    Qwizz May 03, 2014
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    I lived at Harbor Crest a long time ago; back then, they were Americana apartments. I had a few problems, the freezer wouldn't hold the ice cream frozen, the bathroom walls weren't painted properly and a few more, can't remember now, but I did report to the office. All they did was take a report and then sit on it, nothing happens. This was going on for a few years. Finally my patience grew thin and I sent them a motivating fax. I said basically that if you don't fix everything, my next rent goes to the city. Worked like a charm. Guess what, it took them 3 days what they couldn't do it 3 years. Still, they tried to get away with the refrigerator and wanted me to sign that I am satisfied, but I wrote that everything was fine except the refrigerator. After that I had a NEW refrigerator. Oh yea. Other than that, no complaints. Lived right next to the trash chute and never had bugs. Had the best next door neighbor in the world.

    K and D now owns Harbor Crest and Waters Edge. I almost rented a studio at the Waters Edge but backed off when found out that the so called free heat is NOT tenant controlled. There is no freight elevator, and out of 2 regular elevators, one is out of business, while the office tells me that I can book the other one for 2 hours - they must be kidding. My neighbors would've hated me for that. K and D keep part time rental agents who don't know what they are doing. Lois is the only one knowledgeable. I unfortunately ended up communicating with the other one who was part time, so when she was off, I couldn't get my phone calls and emails returned. They took my money and then got unresponsive. Finally got ahold of Lois who explained the situation. I am like, your website looks better than this arrangement. No really. K and D are award winning? I wonder whose award. Their own lol. I can win at least a dozen awards of my own on any given day.

    Stay away from K and D apartments, that is if you ask me.

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  • Do
    Dolores Lawrence Dec 14, 2013

    K and D has gone to the pits. I have lived in Trinty Towers for years and know I have a mice problem and they are trying to tell me one thing. However I have found out different mice are entering from the roof of the building and traveling down and have been doing so for a long time. I am going to get channel 19 in here because these are living conditions that are unexceptable. All the writers are correct the management is awful, and everyone plays the same games in the rental office. Corporate is worst. All the money they make just do not put back in the property. It have become slum property in the hood the so called suburbs. I guess I am suppose to live in a mice infested rat infested but I am going to find a way to be heard. Know one in management contacts you back so I am suppose to set moving my thumbs waiting for the rats to just come in at anytime they want. Bedford Health Department is hearing from me, K and D does not put back in the property it is apparent and they have said it just getting the money and really trying to sell to some fool. It is there corporate property they are into money money getting richer from less fortunate people.

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  • R3
    R326 Sep 17, 2013

    Being a past Maintenance Director I have to say that; though KandD should be held accountable for the conditions on some of their properties that shouldn't be held totally responsible. I managed a property where we place high standards on all of our suites, each suite was updated with new carpet, vinyl, appliances, window treatments and paint. Each building had new carpet paint and doors and windows. The landscaping on the property was impeccable and the grounds were cleaned daily as KandD requires. Mr. Price would drive by each property daily to ensure that the curb appeal was up to company standards. My staff took pride in their jobs and their property and KandD held weekly meetings to ensure that company standards were met. Each property's management team were held accountable for the property's operation.
    Now the tenants should bear some responsibility as well. KandD earnestly try to rent market ready suites to each tenant by updating each unit and requiring the property staff to submit reports as to the condition of the suites. On my property alone we spent $15, 000 per month on maintenance supplies alone. Before the tenant move in they are shown the apartment and a check list is complete detailing any imperfections and if the tenant has any problems at move in a work order is generated and the work was required to be completed within 24 hours.
    I have seen apartments that were leased to a tenant (with all the updates) and upon move out a year later would have to be totally updated again. Tenants move unauthorized people into their suites. Some who have extensive criminal backgrounds. We have had several tenants evicted for the violation of their lease. And tenants would leave their trash in the common areas, some threw their trash out the windows, my staff would spent countless hours pick up trash even after they had completed ground duties earlier. The list goes on and on.
    If You want to hold K and D responsible, please share in the responsibility yourself. And when you rent from any landlord some pride in where you live and keep it nice. Stop being a SLUM TENANT!!!

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  • Je
    jenika matos Apr 01, 2013

    well i live in kand din the shore wood and this place is super ghetto, they don't updates the units, the kitchen cabinets are nasty i don't used them at all and the bathrooms are in need of repairs, they have a high drug trafficking in the building and all the most of the tenants are felons, prostitutes and they be sleeping around with each other, is a mess all this thirsty ### man keep been in your face like if you are need it for dick they nasty and i am getting out of here cause since the year i have live hear they have had 6 office managers and one of them was steeling money from the new tenants asking for more money required .the good thing k and d replace the money stolen but any thing else sucks i am so disappointed that they have so many properties when they failed to keep them uptodate and at list the maintenance guys here work they ### off getting things fix but the company wont provided the required and needed products needed to fix things so they do their best with what they have, i would never rent from this company any more cause they don't care about their tenant safety cause they rent to any one just to get the money, they just to have a sex offender stay in this building until some one fond out and they call the cops there a lot of small children and that bad that they take any one here just to pay a mortgage instead of treated them with respect.

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  • Re
    renterofkandd Oct 28, 2012

    The emergency maintenance is terrible now my ceiling is leaking and i was told there is nothing for him to do and he never showed up to even look at the problem and this is not the first time this has happen. I asked the emergency line if they could ask him to vacuum the water up from upstairs from me and that this was done and it stopped leaking but i cant get him to even try anything very upset and the water is now leaking into my bed...very disappointed in this companies maintenance it is time for me to move

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  • Ma
    mark rubertino Sep 11, 2012

    I also live at the K&D Harbor Crest Aprs and today 9/11/12 i was walking out the frond door and thier was a tenent waiting for a van to this person up, so as i walking out the door i was holding the door open for the tenent and the driver of the van was on his way in so as i was walking out the driver said something to me "like i do not halve time for this white crap :.So i said ok fine and the man started to say things to me like you do not me man and a lot more than i would like to put on the web.Anyway i was very scared and walk into the buissenes office to find a place for a what i would think as safe.So the man was following me into the building on they lucky for me stopped him, but they told me not to come into thier and waving my arms.Al they told was to not let any nonresadent in and so i said i what is not a safe place to live or what.drug users move in and smoke out the whole place. Crap all over the parking lot. If i feel like my life is in danger you would think that they would halve care for the tenents than just o well handle it out side and fend for your self like in some jungle.

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  • Jo
    joh smith Jul 12, 2012

    I'm a ex maintenance Dir. They will promise they will fix something and then take forever i quit because of the unsafe conditions they kept cutting budget they are fly by night company everything is patch work nothing done the right way

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  • Ca
    casey king May 25, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I HAD SIMILIAR COMPLAINTS..i WAS SHOWN A MODEL SUITE THAT HAD A LINNEN CLOSET BUT THE APARTMENT I WAS RENTED HAD NO LINNEN CLOSET. i HAD THE OLD KITCHEN WITH CABINETS FALLING APART AND ROACHES..i WAS TOLD MY KITCHEN WOULD BE REMODELED..After almost 2 years, all apartments on my floor had new kitchens but mine..I decided to leave and was told it was ok.After 23 months of lies, seeing every apartment around me get renevated i left..Nine months later i get a JUDEMENT letter from K&D lawyer stating i had not paid my last month rent..This lawyer has contacted my employer, bank, and every creditor i deal with for the last 2 years demanding my personal info. I feel K&D owes me for charging rent for an apartment that was without a linnen closet and an old run down kitchen.

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  • L0
    L'aurelia Keeling Dec 16, 2010

    I moved into the K&D Harbor Crest Apts in Jan., 2006 and stayed for 4 years under false pretenses. On my move-in day, that I had scheduled at 0am, I was told that I could yet move in because my apartment was still not ready. I had to take my moving truck and everything and everybody back to the home I had moved out of. I called several times and finally at 6pm I was told that I could finally move in but the work is still not complete and no walk-through could be completed. On my 2nd day there, the old tenants tried to break into the apartment and they snatched the locks. I was given an extra lock on my door and a gift certificate to Tops. On a regular basis maintenance continued to come to my apartment to ready it for me. Because I had just had my second child, my finances made it hard for me to save my money and move. The following year my son was kidnapped in the same darn building and even the building prosecuted the perpetrators. Then I was asked to stay again because of all the inconveniences-they gave me a free garage space and one month free rent and promised me new bathrooms and kitchen because my apartment was outdated-go figure. Finally, I was asked to extend and stay until 2011-fail. I actually had saved my money and was able to move. I explained to the leasing office everything and they were willing to let me out my lease in January. Mind you they tried to hem me up by not inspecting my apartment until I had about 57 days left in the lease. I still presented them with a 60 day notice in advance which they tried to not accept. I permanently vacated the apartment on January 30, 2010 and even repainted the apartment and turned in the keys. I receive a letter May, 2010 stating that I did not return the apartment to its original state. There was never a walk-through and for them to still be repairing my apartment for 4 years-you do the math. So now I get a letter for garnishment. I have contacted the lawyer and I am waiting on them to return y call. I refuse to pay K&D Group a dime of my money after all the million complaints I made against the lack of repairs to my apartment. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM EVEN IF THEY WERE THE ONLY APARTMENT/HOUSING FACILITY ON THE PLANET!!!

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  • Di
    Disgusted #2 Oct 08, 2010

    The apartments (Highland Woods) in Warrensville Heights might be under new management, that I am not sure of. However I DO know that the conditions there are awful. The office staff (all of them) are just as bad. They do nothing but pass the buck. There are cockroaches EVERYWHERE running inside. Dirty diapers and broken glass inside the towers garbage area. Half the time the chuts are full and you have no other avenue but to pile your garbage inside on the floor--where it stays for DAYS!! The smell, or should I say the stench is stomach churning!! The mailboxes as a whole don't have locks, or they are broken, some don't even have doors on them. Your mail is gone through by other tenants. The inside carpets are dirty and nasty. The walls in some areas are kicked or punched out. The ceilings have spray painted gang sayings on them. The outside 'courtyards' are filty, with garbage piled and blowing everywhere. Soe garage ports roofs have fallen in and not fixed as of yet. Stay away, these apts. are NOT worth a penny. They are worse the the projects dontown!!!

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  • Ja
    Jazzsie Feb 06, 2009

    I had rented a apartment in Highland Woods in Warrensville Heights, OH. The apartment was terrible the ceiling was leaking and the carpet looked as if a heard of cattle ran over it. The management came to look at it and nothing was done about it. I hear the place is under new management now probably because K & D didn't want to put money into it. Also the lights would go out on the whole complex like at least twice a month. They had to get the city involved but I don't know if anything was corrected.

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