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Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center

Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center review: Lasik "warranty"

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In 2013 my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) Scott Untz & I (name was Camryn Kelley at that time) went to Kleiman Evangelista to have our lasik procedures done. I opted for the 1 lifetime enhancement per eye "warranty" and paid the extra money for it. Now, 10 years later, I called them to see how I could go about using mine and was told that since the equipment they're using is different than 10 years ago the "warranty" wouldn't be honored and I'd have to pay for it. That's completely and totally absurd.

Desired outcome: I would like the money back that I paid for the lifetime enhancement option for both me and Scott Untz (I paid for both of our procedures) since it was never used and now won't be honored.

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