KinderCare Educationi'm a picture day vendor, cancelled after confirmed day before picture day.

Rotten front office. Director Lilliana Perez is not competent nor able to remain accountable and professional in a directorial capacity. They are closing in two months and it might be a direct reflection upon her and the front office.

I confirmed a picture day with them the day before, they say, "mysteriously" they never got picture day forms. No calls or follow ups with me, just a bunch of weird comments and assumptions and somehow blamed me after I called them to confirm the day before. Perez blames me that I should have "followed up with her" only after she says there was no need for me to call her a 2nd time to confirm the date because we were originally going have 2 pictures days. Confused? So am I.

Apparently Im suppose to call her and every school just to see if she got her forms, when either a simple call FROM HER would have alerted me of the situation. Also, she never emailed or put the picture day on her school calendar even though we confirmed about 4 months ago. She's a total liar.

Funny how the mailing address worked fine in the spring. Oh and I should mention I have business in California but I live on the East Coast so although I had other business I traveled 3, 000 miles to have to stay 2 extra days in a hotel, wasting money and time instead of being home with my family. And I could have gotten rid of them off my schedule and replaced them with someone else. Good riddance. Learn how to treat vendors and be human beings. Trash center.

Oct 10, 2019

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