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I approached Kennedy Trans. because of an ad in the paper claiming I could make $3000 a week. Upon further investigation it was revealed to me that I would need to lease a 5-ton staright truck from them and pay a $2500 fee to them as well as a hefty down payment for the lease vehicle. I was promised to make between [protected] dollars a week gross with a net income of [protected] dollars profit. I made 700 dollars my first 2 weeks. and another 900 dollars my second 2 weeks gross. The company they had placed me with had just started and I was their first truck. The company was struggling to get customers and I would spend most of my time sitting and waiting all day. This was far from the established companies with work waiting to be done they told me I would be working for. I tried another company they sent me to work at and it was the same thing. The thrid company they sent me to did not want to work with me when the gentlemen found out that I had leased my vehicle from Kennedy Transportation. Further more, I gave them money in trust agreeing to a 48 month lease contract with 16, 000 dollar buy back at the end and when the lease contract came it had 60 months instead of the agreed 48. They assured me they would alter the 60 months to 48 months afterward but just for the sake of not wasting time lets sight the papers and change it after. When contacted about it later on they had changed their story and said that it was in fact 60 months. We were unhappy with this to say the least and they offered no help with getting rid of the truck as they had said they would if we didn't want it anymore. They lied and mislead me. I was told I would be starting a run to Montreal, Ottawa, and Cornwall. This never happened. As well, the extremely ridiculously expensive insurance they arranged for me only gave me 40 km's coverage from my home address. Which would make me liable if something had happened. As well I inquired about cargo insuranse and they assured me I was covered, which I later found out I was not on top of not being covered to drive the distance required for the shipments I was told I would be doing. This company is a fraud and I don't know what to do. This was a terrible experience and consumers and honest hard working people should be protected from companies like this. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to bring this company to justice and have some restitution.


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    private security May 29, 2018

    Kennedys Drivers are terrible and unsafe. I saw another tailgating in heavy traffic today and after reading these comments its obvious they would not have responded to any complaints about their drivers reckless driving. Kennedy Transportation needs to be put out of business and the dirtbags running it need to be put in jail.

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  • Ma
    maryse jose Jan 27, 2014

    we were scam to by jean st-gelais now in montreal is compagnie name is ats.we never expected thisold man and lovely wife to do this to us but it happened.we find a lawyer that is ready to help us even if we don`t have the money she accept payments every month so if some people want`s to join us you are welcome.we are in montreal but we have to stop this fraud if you want to join us, we know that some people think it is their fault but no i call all the gouvernement association an no complains was made but he change compagnies name often so my research did not give me anything wrong i should just go on google to find out what i known today and we would never trust him.

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    Marderos Apr 01, 2013

    About seven years ago I responded to an add for Kennedy Transport ...I was a new driver back then had about six months experience I went for an interview with Mr. Jean St. Gelais after listening to him for about half an hour I told him everything sounds great I would follow this business plan...but before I do I need to talk to some of your drivers for feedback...he did not like that very much he responded to me by saying that they have rules and regulations that prevent him doing so...I looked at him and said thank you very much for your time have a good day we can not do business together...I had a gut feeling something was very wrong and today after reading this now I know I did the right thing.

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    trlja Sep 13, 2012

    We also were thinking to go with this business, but it was to good to be true. We went on internet and found all this. This is all true, please stay away from this company...

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  • Je
    jerjefjo Dec 13, 2011

    I was thinking of going with Kennedy which is now also called Ammex but articles like this have shown me to stay away. I have had several meetings with the smooth talking Jean St. Gelais but now I am convinced that he should be avoided and his company!

    [email protected]

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  • Ro
    rogue shyster Aug 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    until kennedy tranportation agency is shut down i will not be a happy camper.
    as they are stealing peoples livehood and dream, let hope they try to rip the
    mafia off.

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  • Ca
    Carlos Charles Mar 24, 2011

    You want to do business with Kennedy Transportation Network Ltd? THINK CAREFULLY. It is better to pay CN$ 300 and have a legal opinion before signing any contract, than to lose thousands of dollars, damage your credit record, distress your family and waste time afterwards. If you are not allowed to read and think about the agreement (contract) before the day of signing it, it is a bad sign. BE CAREFUL. If you are allowed to read the agreement beforehand, read the documents carefully with legal assistance (it has technical legal terminology). For instance, Kennedy Transportation’s add in newspapers and the Internet indicates that you can make UP TO… which means that if you make only CN$ 100 per week it is OK. The add also indicates that you can EARN… But is it net or gross income? Drivers would tell you that they hardly make CN$ 1, 500 per week GROSS. You have to pay the lease, gas, maintenance, food, etc. Many drivers are trying to sale their trucks, but they cannot. And if they return their trucks, they got in trouble. The contract indicates that the business is the SOLE or ONLY responsibility of the driver or owner operator, meaning that Kennedy Transportation has NO responsibility and cannot be hold accountable. It may sound wrong and unfair, but they are legally covered. The law would protect them. It has been planned and executed carefully over the years.
    Remember: the important thing is the meaning. The wording of the add and the contract can be changed at any time. There is when a legal opinion becomes important. By law you can cancel a written contract within a few days of signing it, but by the time you figure this whole package out, you have no time to cancel it. Kennedy Transportation suggests that you can become your OWN BOSS. But in practice you continue working for a company. The trucking company needs availability and reliability with deliveries. They are not forced to give you loads to deliver. They can terminate your contract at any time. You also continue working for a lease company, making lease payments, usually over a period of 5 years. You need to pay your own survival bills. For example, you may have to wait 2 or 3 days over a weekend in Texas for a load to be able to comeback closer to the border with Canada. If you decide to move, you usually have to pay the fuel and other costs. Kennedy Transportation suggests that you can create your OWN COMPANY and have others working (driving) for you. But if it is hard to earn enough money just to pay the lease, in practice within a couple of weeks you yourself would be looking to get out of that business. Unbelievably, very few drivers do not see other way out and stay there longer, most of them without serious family responsibilities. It is like many people getting used to bad jobs. Those who stay for several months often just got in more economic trouble.
    Unfortunately, the report from the Best Business Bureau about Kennedy Transportation is very superficial and misleading. If you want to have a good idea of how much money you would make, for example, contact TST Expedited Services in Windsor ( and Dynamex Canada in Cambridge ( You can request written documents. If they do not want to show you reports, it is a bad sign. Even better, you can go to stops in the 401 (Service Centers, Husky, Fifth Wheel, Petro Canada) and talk with the drivers directly. You do not have to pay for that information and it will save you money and trouble. Look for midsize trucks (especially with sleepers). There are many companies. Ask the drivers: how much do they make? How many miles (no kilometers) do they run per week? How long do they stay on the route before going home? How much do they spend on maintenance? How much are their lease payments? How much do they spend on fuel and insurance? How long have they been in the business? What is the best way to get into the business? Specially, ask their opinion about Kennedy Transportation.
    Note this carefully: Transportaction Lease Systems Inc. is one of the companies that offer financial services (lease) to clients of Kennedy Transportation. If you want to have a good picture, ask in the Small Claims Court in Toronto (47 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto ON M2N 5N1) how many cases are there pending and the claim history involving Transportaction? In 2008, according to the clerk in the front desk, there were many cases (perhaps 100). When somebody returns the truck, in addition to keeping the down payment, they claim the rest of the lease (now up to CN$ 25, 000 in a small claims court). And remember, the fees paid to Kennedy Transportation at that point are lost, including all other expenses, and time without a real job. You can also enquire about the claim history involving Kennedy Transportation. Follow this advice and —I am sure— you will not be disappointed. You will not make business with Kennedy Transportation. You will not get in trouble.
    If you really want to get into the trucking business, you can do it all yourself. Contact a company directly. They will guide you. Good companies provide even training and insurance at a low cost. You may be able to start with a good truck for even less than CN$ 20, 000 and not get in debt. Enquire with the Ontario Trucking Association ( and get the license (DZ). It may be better to start as a company driver and learn the business first, then become an owner operator. Companies like Kennedy Transportation seam gentle and helpful, but really they have no mercy. They do not care about you and your family. BE CAREFUL!

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  • Bi
    bigdealcanada Mar 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you told me 3 years ago, that convicted criminals, who were once
    fugitives in the US for a multi-million dollar oil scam could come here
    to Canada, and succeed in operating another scam of innocent citizens,
    I would have told you "No way possible. Our government would not allow
    this to happen. There are people and laws in place to protect us...
    to look out for our best interest. They have rules and regulations in
    place to protect the public against corrupt and fraudulent companies,
    don't they?" Well sadly enough, I found out the answer is "NO." There
    is no one that neither cares to look out for us, and our best interest,
    nor is there anyone to do anything about it when it does happen.

    Unfortunately it is our job as a victim of these "business crimes" to
    dig into our now empty pockets, to hire lawyers, and fight to PROVE the
    obvious... that there IS a scam going on, and the criminals need to be
    stopped. And even IF you can afford to fight for your "rights", (which
    could take up to 5-12 years so we were told) these large companies have
    the top lawyers who will do their best to win their case, at any cost.
    And then, even if there is a slight chance that you do win... it will
    still surely be appealed. This is usually not even an option, as a
    good lawyers charges $3-500/hour, and to be able to aboard lawsuit is a
    luxury to most.

    For many of us victims, this story started out approximately 6 years
    ago, when job seekers stumbled on a now familiar ad in the local
    newspaper classified section. It reads, "Start your own business... Be
    your own boss... Earn $3000-$5000/week guaranteed! We train...No
    experience necessary...Great opportunity!"

    This sounded like a good opportunity to work hard, but make a decent
    salary... and many of us took the worm.

    This warm and friendly father and son team treated us like their own
    children, as they took us under their wing and welcomed us into their
    fast growing family business.

    This family business was a trucking company called "Kennedy
    Transportation" owned by father Jean Marie, and son Dennis St. Gelais.
    They explained that there was such a demand for the import/export of
    goods between the US and Canada by ground, and it would keep growing.
    Since their company alone could not handle all the work, they decided
    to help other companies operate so we could all share the work and
    wealth together. These caring businessmen, who had clearly done well
    for themselves, explained in detail how they would help train us to run
    a complete company of our own to accommodate the continuous demand for
    work. As their ad stated, they would be there to fully train, set us up
    and hire all employees and make sure our company was running well on
    its own, before they slowly faded themselves out. But, they would
    always be there should we ever need them for years to come. For this
    service, there was of course a small set up fee of $10, 000, but this
    was minimal, since they had our best interest at heart.

    Amazingly, they helped us finance twelve trucks for only $80, 000 down!
    Originally they said the leasing company would need much more $ down,
    so we could remortgage our homes, which they could help us with also.
    Since one truck would bring you in a profit of $3-5, 000 /week, having
    12 trucks would bring in $36-$60, 000...guaranteed! They showed us
    their books and was foolproof. Since the money would be
    coming in within the first 2 weeks as truck runs were done, there
    really was no risk in taking out a second mortgage we were told. We
    would have the full amount within months to pay back. Even though this
    sounded great, my husband still did not like the idea, and said $80, 000
    was all that we had to play with at he moment. Well, to our surprise,
    the St. Gelais family and KCC Leasing had such a great relationship
    over the years, that KCC made an exception for us! They gave us 12
    trucks for $80, 000 down with a 5-year lease agreement. Wow, were we
    lucky...or so we thought.

    Within a month, Jean had spent every day with us setting us up with all
    we needed to get started. He scouted for a location, and helped us set
    up the lease of our 10, 000 sq ft warehouse/office space. He just had
    all the right connections, and everything went so smoothly. Before we
    knew it, a company came in and furnished our newly renovated offices
    with office furniture, desks, chairs, boardroom table, dispatcher desks
    and computers, software, and a complete 6-phone dispatcher phone
    system. The furniture was not new, but his friend had a company and he
    got us the used chairs and tables for under $10, 000..., which he said,
    was a fantastic price.

    Within a month and a half, we were set up and ready to go. We had 12
    trucks, all less than 3 yrs new sitting at our warehouse. My husband
    went down to part time hours at his job, and my brother quit his, both
    to be at our new trucking company so they could watch, learn, and
    understand the business and take over themselves as soon as possible.
    Now all we needed were the drivers, dispatchers, and our team from
    Kennedy Transportation to show us how to pull it all together. This is
    when things took a turn for the worse.

    We sat anxiously in the office for a week...No drivers, and no
    dispatchers showed up. We did have Jean Marie St Gelais' "right hand
    man" Gary show up midweek. That is when it became obvious things
    weren't working out according to plans. It quickly became evident that
    Gary was an alcoholic, and knew nothing about operating the business.
    At all! He sat and played on the computer, and starred blankly when we
    asked, "What is going on?" Our friend and father figure who had spent
    every day helping us, was nowhere to be found. We did not want to
    accept that this was happening...but reality slowly set in.

    Finally, in a frantic state, we got a hold of Jean Marie St Gelais by
    phone. He tried to assure us in his comforting calm voice that we had
    to be patient, and these things take a little time. But NOTHING was
    happening...At all. After a few more long and agonizing days, we
    realized we were alone, but still did not understand what had fully
    taken place and why. We had no time to think about this. We had lease
    payments on the building, 12 trucks with monthly payments due
    immediately, amongst many other expenses soon to come. We knew we
    needed to take action.

    After a few weeks, we had desperately taken matters in our own hands,
    and tried hiring our own drivers and dispatchers in hopes that we might
    be able to figure things out on our own as we went along. Our
    nightmare continued, and got worse. As we scrambled to get drivers on
    the road to accommodate the few orders our untrained dispatchers could
    gather, we found the trucks were not even in working order. KCC
    Leasing had given us trucks without clutches, faulty breaks,
    non-operative headlights, and some did not even start. We starred at
    the "safety inspection certificates" which were approved by
    could this be? We then hired our own safety inspector, who confirmed
    that there was NO way in hell any of these trucks should even be on the
    road, and deemed them unsafe. Nine out of the twelve were unsafe and
    could not even be driven.

    What we found out after this, we could have never imagined in our
    wildest dreams. My husband decided to take the VIN numbers of our 12
    trucks and see if he could find out who their previous owners were, and
    where they came from. He discovered a list for some, of up to 10
    previous owners...and the trucks were just a few years old! He tried
    to contact as many as he could. The few he did get a hold of were very
    familiar with Kennedy Transportation, and our dear friend, Mr. Jean
    Marie St. Gelais.

    Over the next very stressful few months we were contacted by numerous
    "victims" who were in the same situation we were. We were all trying
    to keep afloat, trying to survive while running a business we knew
    nothing about, all on our own. We told Gary not to bother to come in,
    as his mistakes caused us more problems than not, and we were on our
    own. It was sink or swim. So we tried our best to swim in the deep and
    muddy waters.

    We quickly became close to the other company owners like us trying to
    keep afloat. We tried to help each other out where we could, and
    definitely found comfort in sharing our almost identical stories. Some
    of these new friends did re-mortgage their homes, and almost all of
    them were up to their necks in debt. Unfortunately, most of them had
    invested between $400, 000- $700, 000 to start their new company and had
    spent every penny they had on this "fool proof " business plan by a
    father and son who took them in like family, only to abandon them
    shortly thereafter.

    We noticed that there was a cleverly thought out pattern here, and a
    reason why everyone was left in so much debt. The answer was very
    simple...None of us had anything left to hire a lawyer and put these
    criminals away. This they knew very well, and counted on it. None of
    us, even if we pulled together could afford to have a lawyer work on
    our case for the years they said it would take to put a case together.

    Our lawyer told us very simply, to" Walk away. Return the trucks and
    the keys to KCC." He predicted the worst, and he was right. He
    believed that Kennedy Transportation, KCC and other leasing companies,
    the real estate rental agencies, safety inspection companies, and
    insurance companies, were all working together. When people could not
    survive operating the business on their own, they walked away from
    everything within a few months. These parasite companies depended on
    this cycle. Trucks, furniture and all equipment paid for themselves
    over and over as they were resold to new suckers every few months. It
    was true...We broke our lease, returned the trucks and never heard back
    from KCC regarding our outstanding lease payments. They actually did
    not even blink an eye, as they seemed to routinely take the keys from
    our hands, with no questions asked.

    Some of these other victims we met along the way, had an even worse
    story than ours. Again, I would have never believed it could happen
    here in Canada...But I saw it with my own eyes. Others actually
    immigrated here to Canada to follow a dream for a new and better life.
    They did this under Kennedy Transportation's umbrella company. Yes its
    true. Kennedy has a full up and running immigration company set up
    under their website. They provide this service to "help" people
    wanting to immigrate, and claim they will set you up with this fool
    proof business that they will help you run. For those that could only
    afford one truck, they were guaranteed that they could work for larger
    companies like ours. There was always work. We did have many "owner
    operators" they were called, come to us for work. Since our trucks
    weren't in working order, we did contract these drivers out. But it
    wasn't long until either, their truck too broke down, or there was such
    a language barrier that prevented them from getting work, or they just
    did not have the proper training to operate and continue. With no
    money coming in, and from a foreign country, these people were
    abandoned with nowhere to turn. I'm sure it was most difficult for
    these people wanting to make a living, who did not even speak the
    language, to fully understand what had just happened to them. Wasn't
    this Canada? The land of opportunity?

    It is because all these people, ... that have been victimized beyond
    belief, ...and for families that have been left homeless, and the
    fathers that have attempted suicide, and the victims that once had a
    normal life, that went out in desperation and purchased a gun to try
    and and take justice in their own hands... It's for these 100's of
    victims that we have become familiar with, that makes my heart ache,
    and I therefore think that some justice has to come their way...Even if
    it is to stop it from happening to one more innocent human being here
    in this land of opportunity. Who if anyone in this modern and civil
    country with rights and laws can protect the innocent who just want to
    work and earn a decent living?

    To this day, the ad placed by Kennedy Transportation can be seen in
    local papers across the GTA. And to this day, we are still receiving
    calls from new victims, who find little comfort in realizing that
    they are not alone ...and many others share in their nightmare..."Isn't
    there strength in numbers?" they ask..."Isn't there something we can

    I wish I knew.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and consider this story. I’m
    sure there are 100's maybe 1000's of others that are unfortunately
    familiar with this story too. In the last 2 weeks we have been
    contacted by 6 new companies who are closing down their businesses at
    this very moment. I know they would be happy to see that finally
    something is being done about it...Even if it's just making others




    Quote: Taken from internet from Fortune 500 / Nov. 5/ 1990


    Jean Marie St. Gelais 55, a Canadian, set up seven oil and gas limited
    partnerships in Houston. He borrowed $15 million from Anchor Savings &
    Loan in Kansas City and Crossland Savings in New York, purportedly for
    drilling and exploration, and got backing for the loans from insurance
    companies. He used some of the money to buy a penthouse in Houston and
    to pay off old debts. St. Gelais was sentenced to 24 years in prison,
    fined $1 million, and ordered to pay more than $13 million in
    restitution. His son, Denis, is still a fugitive."

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