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CB Sustainable Home and Construction Review of Kandola Construction
Kandola Construction

Kandola Construction review: Fraud and scam 2

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4:02 pm EDT
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Roger Kandola said he was a lic contractor and he would build us a home. He brought over the bank guy from CTX Lending. We got a loan for $257, 000.00. He took out of draws of $99, 000.00 before we even had permits or even an okay from the city. He took 8 months to get permits and bounced the check to the city then went back and paid. He got the house to the framing and wrap stage and left state with $218, 000.00. Told me he was going to pay us back never did. He didn't pay subs we took out out retirement to pay $30, 000.00 in liens and paid $56, 000.00 to finish. So we lost $200, 000.00 of draws that he took and never paid for our home. To top it off the lic is his dads that we never knew so the bank gave this man my construction loan money and he left state. Lic Board said this is fraud and he will come to justice! This man knew that that was all the money we had, but he took it like it was his own money. If there is anyone out there that he did this too email me!

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Ph, US
Nov 01, 2011 9:40 pm EDT
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Sorry to hear that ol Roger dodger did that to you ( fireworks worker) there are tons of people looking for him still to get money he owes! You should have come work at my fireworks tent instead, you would have been paid! Fair warning to all this guy is a scam artist and will be forever!

Peoria, US
Aug 07, 2011 9:31 pm EDT

I worked for this guy selling fireworks and I have yet to receive a check for my work. Its been over a month and every week is a new story and a new excuse. This guy is a complete joke. Just a warning to all who have the misfortune of coming across his "business".