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This company put a fence in for me some time ago and it has been a hassle ever since. The gates never have worked and are out of alignment, the fence is uneven everywhere. They built part on my neighbors property and wouln't fix it. They sent a new guy with no experience to address my concerns and he left saying he wasn't sure why they sent him. It has been 6 months and I have given up trying to get these jokers to come back. Just a warning, don't fall for the family pitch with all the pictures and love. Their is a reason they show you all of that, to keep your eye away from the truth. I gave them a referral before my fence was installed and my friend is having the same problems.


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      Jun 22, 2009

    Try Consumer Affairs - they can damage this companies reputation in the market place. And or go to small claims court, with a receipt from another fence company who fixed the repairs and billed you.

    Good LUCK...

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      Oct 09, 2009

    I've never had a single problem with K & J Fencing. You sound like one of thier competitors. Because they are extremely professional and reliable. Maybe you should give up installing fence and find something your actually good at!

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      Oct 12, 2009

    k and j fence to the rescue!!! just wanted to thank everyone their for their help.april in the office and "big dog crew" dan leslie

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      Oct 13, 2009

    K AND J FENCE TO THE RESCUE!!! these complaints have to be from the competion k and j just finish our job on time no add on every thing they PROMISED THEY DELIVIRED

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      Jan 29, 2010

    K&J Fence installed our fence during the summer of 2009, they were very professional and worked all day/evening even in the pouring rain. They went above and beyond and I couldnt be happier. Our house looks beautiful. They even installed a fence on our driveway, I am just beyond thrilled with this job.

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      Mar 12, 2010

    Please do your homework before signing a contract. I'm a homeowner who signed a contract with K&J Fencing on Monday March 8 and paid a $100 deposit for a fence installation. After contacting with K&J, we researched the company and the "D+" BBB rating and other poor online reviews did not sit well with us so we decided to cancel. I called K&J to politely cancel our contract on Thursday, March 11, the 3rd business day AFTER the date of the contract date. The contract clearly states in bold letters, "You, the buyer may cancel this transaction any time prior to 12:00 midnight on the 3rd business day after the date of this transaction."

    From the very first minute, the treatment I received was NOT one of wanting to keep my business. It was rude, insulting, the owner Kevin put words in my mouth and he hung up on me. He went on and on about how people are not good for their word any more. He accused me of having another fence company come in with a lower price. We didn't even speak to any other fencing companies this week. All I wanted was for K&J to honor their own contract wording about the right to cancel.

    He claimed that my fence material (stock white 6' high privacy panels & stock posts) were ordered and already received which was another reason I couldn't cancel. I never even heard from K&J about an installation schedule, so why would they order any materials?

    I was trying not to be nice about the whole thing but when the owner got rude, I mentioned the BBB rating, that is when he hung up on me. He obviously did not want to address those issues or try to keep a customer. I really felt that he has our deposit and he doesn't care what happens next. Well, I'll take him to small claims court to get my deposit back as well as the court costs and lost pay for having to take a day off of work. It should be an easy win, nobody from K&J even signed the contract!

    He flat out said I was too late because the fence had already been ordered and I would not get my $100 deposit back.

    I am sure plenty of people have K&J Fences and have no problems, but I did not want to risk becoming one of the people that had problems. I'm also sure that plenty of people can see this from a contractor's standpoint that cancellations are a huge headache, and I agree. However if you have a written contract with a cancellation policy, YOU MUST HONOR IT. After the 3 days, I know I would be obligated to pay the contracted price, so the opposite has to be true for cancellations. Protections for the business owner AND protection for the buyer. It cannot be a one-way street.

    Buyer beware as they say. Do your research ahead of time. I will never do business with K&J for the rude treatment I received.

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      Mar 12, 2010

    Here is some BBB info as of 12 March 2010:

    'BBB Rating

    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of D+ on a scale from A+ to F.
    Reasons for this rating include:

    * 22 complaints filed against business
    * Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
    * One complaint filed against business that was not resolved."

    "BBB Accreditation

    This business is not a BBB Accredited Business.

    This company has a history of violating BBB name and logo policy and has falsely stated BBB accreditation or referenced the BBB name in an unauthorized manner, despite the BBB's efforts to alert the company. Misuse of the BBB trademark constitutes trademark infringement and is a violation of trademark rights of the Council of BBBs, Inc."

    "BBB processed a total of 22 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 22 complaints closed in 36 months, 9 were closed in the last year.
    These complaints concerned :
    2 regarding Contract Issues
    1 - Invalid or false contract
    1 - None of the Above - Contract Complaint Issue
    2 regarding Delivery Issues
    2 - None of the Above - Delivery Complaint Issue
    2 regarding Guarantee or Warranty Issues
    1 - Failure to honor service under the terms of warranties
    1 - None of the Above - Guarantee or Warranty Complaint Issue
    3 regarding Product Issues
    1 - Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received
    2 - None of the Above - Product Quality Complaint Issue
    1 regarding Refund or Exchange Issues
    1 - None of the Above - Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue
    7 regarding Repair Issues
    4 - Improper or inferior repair
    3 - None of the Above - Repair Complaint Issue
    5 regarding Service Issues "

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      Sep 24, 2011

    They did a very nice job for me... Gave us what we ordered and installed it.
    Haddon Heights

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      Jan 31, 2012

    I too have had a very bad experience with K&J Fence. My gate was cut wrong and out of allignment. Kevin never even came back out to see it for himself. After trying to resolve the issue for months, in which Kevin the owner would not return my calls, I was forced to take legal action. My Borough will not allow him any more permits in our town. I took him to Small claims court and won a judgement against him. He closed his bank account so we couldn't levy it. He is unprofessional as well as a liar.

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      May 10, 2013

    The absolute worst company we have ever dealt with. The work is sub par to say the least. The installers were unprofessional, using foul language and leaving a huge mess. The fence they installed for me is crooked and out of alignment. They actually installed a gate off center from an existing walkway and chiseled out my concrete to sink a post even though we discussed the gate placement with the salesman and stated it was to stay where the old gate was. They dug up wires and buried sprinkler heads under mounds of dirt. The fence was installed so high off of the ground that a small dog could just walk right out of yard. When my husband tried to call to discuss the problems the owner, Kevin yelled at him and in the background and over-talked my husband to the point that he could not explain the problems. K&J ran the balance due for the job on our AMEX without our permission because they knew we were unhappy with the job from the message my husband on the office answering machine while the installers were still at our house. We never signed off on the job and the crew knew we were unhappy. We never even said how we wanted to pay they just took it upon themselves to charge my account since they had the number from the deposit. Kevin called my husband several hours after the first very rude call and told my husband to send photos to him and he will decide IF anything needs to be done. My husband asked the owner, Kevin to come out and look at the job but he refused. There is a reason their estimates are cheaper, you get what you pay for. Don't make the same mistake we did, go with a reputable company and steer clear of K&J. I will now have to dispute the charges with AMEX and get prices to see how to fix the concrete walkway, the exposed wire, and the gravel pouring out of my back yard onto my front yard through the gap at the bottom of the fence not to mention the clean up of all of the piles of dirt covering what used to be my lawn. I have many many pictures that I will be sending the AMEX, the BBB and use in small claims court if it comes to that.

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      Apr 08, 2014

    I had the same horrible experience with company K & J Fencing 10 yrs ago. Kevin finished the job and left quickly before i could inspect the finished product. I tried calling his cell. He turned it off. Three days later I blocked my number from displaying and he answered. He quickly hung up when he realized it was me. Couldn't understand why he was being so rude until i fully inspected the fencing to find out that he gave me sub par material. Small claims court a yr later settled everything. Trust me Kevin doesn't care if you take him to court. Been there many times for him. Feels right at home.

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      Apr 08, 2015

    When we were in the market for new fencing, K&J was one of the companies we contacted. The sales rep came out and was very informative and nice and gave us a great price for the fencing around our yard and two gates, a single and a double. My wife and I decided to go with them. They came out and put up the fencing in two days. I came home from work after the installation was complete and right off the bat, noticed that the 4 foot fencing separating the yard from poolside was crooked. The double gate from the driveway to the yard was crooked. I called and to their credit, they came out and straightened out the four foot fencing and the fence facing the driveway, including the double gates.

    Well, now after four months, the single gate is so misaligned, it drops a full inch or so when you open it. I've caught my fingers several times. The double gate is now also misaligned to where the right gate is at an angle. The first call I made to them to report this was on March 27th. They asked me to send an email with photos, which I did. I called again a week later after getting no response. I called for a third time on April 6th and was told someone would get back to me the following day. Again, no phone call. I called again on 4/8 and was told that Kevin would call me within the hour. I'm still waiting for that call.

    I would've paid a lot more for my fence had I known the type of shoddy work this company was going to do. On top of that, they left a mess behind that we spent an afternoon cleaning. I will never recommend them to friends or family and I certainly would not use them again. Shame on me for not doing my homework.

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      Jul 24, 2015

    From cherry Hill.
    Last Friday I took off work cause they were supposed to come work on my fence. I waited and waited. They never showed up. So I call. Turns out they never put me on the schedule. So they offer $50 off the $ 1100 I accepted. And was rescheduled for the following Friday. I couldn't take off work and lose another days pay. So I had to get my daughter to come and sit while they did the work.
    OK so this time they were supposed to be here at 8:30 am. They weren't there. So I call and they said between 8:45 & 9:00. It is now 11:15 and there still not there. What a waste of my daughter's time.
    Never again will I deal with this company.

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      Jul 25, 2018

    Don't do business with these people, they won't even return a phone call, let alone honer their own warranty. I live on a golf coarse, very near to a green. We have had a broken window from golf balls and so the question of golf ball damage was was very important to us. We asked the salesmen who visited and he stated that their fence should not sustain any damage and if it did they would repair it under the warranty. One month after the installation sure enough a golf ball had damaged a cross member of the fence (put a hole in it). When I called them they gave me a run around as to picture taking of damage and where and how to send those pictures. Long story short, when they realized what we were trying to tell them they told us that it was considered 'Vandalism' and not cover. When we conveyed to them our discussion with the salesperson and his assurance, we were told that he no longer works for the company. This was all done via email mostly as the receptionist was very rude on the phone and it took all day to get to this point. We demanded to speak to the owner...He NEVER CALLED & STILL HASN'T.
    I spent $6, 000.00 for no warranty coverage and to deal with rude and ignorant people. I honestly don't know how they remain in business, this is the worst company that I have ever had the misfortune to do business with.
    Don't make the mistake that I made, don't do business with them.

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