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I went on this dating website to join for one month. I pressed the one month button for £29.99 per month and they took 6 months subscription out which was £89.95. This was on a Sunday 16th June 2012 I could not ring them then because they only work weekdays. I subsequently rang them on the Monday and I told them they had taken 6 months instead of 1 month and they were very rude to me and said that because I had sent one message on the site they would not refund me any money. This was not explained to me and I didnt see it anywhere in writing. I am not objecting to paying the one month which is what I asked for because there is no proof of which button I pushed I have no leg to stand on this is an outragous practice.


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    Global Personals Support Sep 07, 2012

    I cannot speak for your individual circumstances as I cannot identify you from this correspondence, but like all subscription services, when you sign up you will be given a selection of options and this works quite correctly, e.g. if you select one month you will only subscribe to one month. If you subscribed for six months you would have been notified as such and there would be proof that you pushed the six month button. With regarding cancelling your subscription, we are bound by the legal regulations and if you did use the service we are entitled to uphold the subscription.

    If you would like to know more about who we are, why you have been billed and read our Terms and Conditions of membership which are published on all our sites, please visit
    [email protected]

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    Shirley Sutton Sep 07, 2012

    I was not notified that I had subscribed to the 6 months until later I used the site to read one message thats all and there is no excuse for not refunding my money. As far as I was concerned I had pressed the button for 1 month only not 6 months and your site is a disgrace like the rest of your sites a rip off.

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    Katie E Mar 31, 2014

    The exactly same thing happened to me and they don't want to know when I contacted them.

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    Just widower dating Apr 04, 2014

    Like other people I have found on various websites I clicked on the offer of 3 free days - which incidentally the website states is free and no subscription fees are taken until after the 3 days and clicked 1 month subscription. After I had put all my credit card details in, it said I had paid for 6 months. I wrote immediately to the company and it appears nothing can be done. I have since sent several emails regarding this and have had no joy so I have written to The CEO Ross Williams to rectify this as I shall be putting this on several social websites if I am not refunded 5 months and given the 3 free days as you advertised.

    I was shocked when I contacted my credit company today to find they did not wait for the 3 days before debiting my account the 6 months I did not subscribe to. I am so disgusted at their customer services that I am not going to use the website until I have a satisfactory response.

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