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I invested over one million dollars with Jon Divens on a Bond project. Jon Divens promised that are hedge fund would receive 30% returns. In fact we received 35% returns and doubled our investment before it was returned. Jon Divens did a great Job! Prior to investing with Jon Divens we did our research on the California state bar page and discovered that he has practice entertainment law, among other areas, for over 10 years and had never been complained of by any client! We also discovered that Jon Divens is a movie producer having produce several major films. We are completely satisfied in the way Jon Divens handled our investments and would highly recommend his services to anyone! AN AWESOME LAWYER!!!

Great Job


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    Rabecca Mar 06, 2010

    Jon Divens is an outstanding attorney.

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  • Ra
    Rabecca Mar 06, 2010

    Jon worked as my attorney on a bond deal for my company and did an outstanding job. I agree with this posting. Jon Divens is an experienced and very competent lawyer.

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    David Blake Apr 08, 2010

    This Article was written by Jon Divens we did a reverse IP protocol search and found out there is no Roger Wells. The IP led us back to Jon Divens. Please don't be fooled by his little fluff above. He is a cheat, a liar, a thief and a criminal. He has two pending investigations by the California state bar, one investigation by the California Bureau of Investigation, one investigation by the SEC, 3 active judgments against him for a combined sum of close to 27 million owes the IRS about 500, 000.00 and is currently embroiled in a current lawsuit at the moment for misappropriation of client funds, theft, misrepresentation and fraud.

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