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Jon Barry and Associates review: Collection actions on a bill already paid

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NHRMC sent a bill to this collection agency even though payment arrangements had been made and I was paying on the bill. Jon Barry and Associates is located in Concord NC. I have tried for months to remedy the situation and explained that this debt has been paid. They are now ignoring me, despite sending correspondence via certified mail with return receipt. I have sent them proof of payment multiple times, and that the account has been paid in full since 8-07. Yet it is still being reported on my credit as unpaid. Who do I contact next to complain about this other than the Better Business Bureau?

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Nov 15, 2017 2:20 pm EST

I have also paid my medical expense that was not included in the main hospital bill I did not know about. I made installments and paid quite a bit of interest for the debt to be serviced, and I am still showing a delinquent notice on my Equifax report.

May 25, 2017 10:03 am EDT
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I received call from this office (aka Paragon Revenue Group) and they would not identify themselves fully. I looked them up and saw debt collection and with research saw it was for hospital bill. I contacted hospital and made arrangements to pay them directly. I then called this debt collector to let them know and to ask that when it is paid in full will they remove themselves from credit report (which I had checked before calling). The woman on phone was very rude. She tried to tie me down to payment arrangements with her. I said it was between me and hospital and that I understood they could/would not remove from credit report until hospital confirmed paid-in-full status. She was still rude and said I was being uncooperative. She said threateningly she would be sending me a final notice (whatever that means, maybe court action?). This is in North Carolina.

May 26, 2017 4:38 pm EDT
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Just let her sue you. I found an article that might be useful for you at Ask help from your lawyer or attorney and counter-sue them. I believe you will win your lawsuit against them.