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If you live out of town DO NOT TRUST ALLRED PROPERTIES to work for you. You will be sorely disappointed. They will not have licensed realtors working for you and will not do the work you pay them to do. Stay away. In this economy, you need someone trustworthy and effective working on behalf of your most precious assets, Jerry Allred is a hack and will let you down. Beware.


  • Mr
    M r lee Nov 18, 2009

    Not only that do not rent from them. I am currently trying to get them to fix the heat in my apartment. It is now November and I moved in last year. At that time is was managed by another company. However, due to various reasons I have not moved. And they have been made aware that the heat and floors are in dire need of repairs.
    There have been two fires at the apartments there is also debri laying around; old tires and such. They did repair the one that had caught on fire.
    I have very few medical problems though the ones I have can be aggravated by the cold. I have contacted the Sheriff's office, last year, who said to contact housing. Though NOTHING was done. Allreds was later featured in the local business magazine with HIGHEST regards.

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  • Jk
    J. Kearney Jun 09, 2010

    I respond as an agent of Allred Properties.

    This dispute was heard both by a court of law and by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Allred Properties prevailed in both instances.

    Washington County Circuit Court

    The action brought by this poster was disposed of in September of 2009. Judge Mary Ann Gunn ordered that “the plaintiffs’ case against… defendant Allred must be dismissed in its entirety.” Every one of the legal claims made against Allred were ordered dismissed with prejudice. This means not only that the claims made were held to be without legal merit, but also that they will not be allowed to be brought before a court of law in the future.

    Anyone wishing to see the order for this case can call the Washington County Clerk at 479-444-1538. The case number is CV-2007-2273-4.

    Arkansas Real Estate Commission

    Allred and the poster agreed to a Residential Property Management Agreement that was terminated after approximately six (6) months. The Arkansas Real Estate Commission, in a unanimous vote, decided that “Allred ha[d] not violated the provisions of the Real Estate License Law or Commission Regulations.” Put simply, the institution that sets the standard of conduct for real estate licensees in this state did not find any unlawful conduct on the part of Allred. This proceeding took place of Formal Hearing 3049.

    It is regrettable that in the course of doing business that not all relationships can end amicably. However, Allred’s position has been vindicated by multiple tribunals.

    Jason P. Kearney
    Attorney for Allred Properties

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  • Er
    Eric78 Mar 12, 2013

    Funny so why does this comany keep an "attorney" handy?

    This company is TRASH ! Stay clear of them PLEASE save yourself the hardache, they have stolen from me and my family, I'm a disabled individual and they took my security deposit for supposed "cleaning supplies", five hundred dollars !! please run !! you will be sorry dealing with Allred Properties in Arkansas.

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  • Al
    Allen Swearingen Mar 07, 2016

    This is definitely the worst company I have ever had business. They lie, don't call you back, never fix ANYTHING. If an issue comes up its, "contact our attorney."
    They are malicious in nature and do not care about their tenants or customers.
    I am honestly surprised they haven't gone out of business or had a lawsuits that took everything and the company.

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  • Al
    Allen Swearingen Mar 07, 2016

    Also, Jason, what kind of attorney manages company's social media reviews???
    Come on buddy. Surely you can do better for yourself. If you can't, you can still do better than Allred Properties.

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  • Sg
    S Gibbs Oct 31, 2019

    Worst experience of my life!! Rented for 2 years through Allred Properties and the only thing I asked them to repair was missing shingles on the roof and that was to protect the home. I took care of many different maintenance issues myself out of pocket. The home was not clean by any means when we moved in, but we left it spotless when we moved out. After moving out they charged us for carpet cleaning which is no big deal, but then charged over $200 for cleaning fees and $100 for damaged blinds that were damaged when we moved in. They also charged me to supposedly take down and dispose of a satellite dish that was there when we moved in. Funny thing is I drove over and took pictures that show the dish is still there months later! We had 2 months left of our lease when we moved out, so we were still paying the lease and utilities. They would send workers over to do things and I would go by only to find both thermostats set to 50 something degrees in the summer and all the lights left on for days! I called on multiple occasions to complain about this, so they changed the locks so I couldn't get in eventhough I was still paying for the lease and keeping the yard up! This company will do everything possible to squeeze all the money out of you that they can! We took exceptional care of the home and yard while there and you would think they would show some appreciation for good tenants, but apparently its just all about making as much money as possible to them! Do not rent from or allow these people to manage your property!

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