Jay S. Desvaux, DDSIncompetent, negligent dentist

This is an informational report on a bad Knoxville, Tennessee dentist.

His name and location are as follows:

Jay S. Desvaux, DDS

Knoxville, Tennessee

Summary: Desvaux did shoddy dental work where he hacked on the tooth in preparation for the crown, neglected to inspect temporary crown, said to "take Tylenol" for pain that was caused by his shoddy dental work, then hacked or damaged other crowns.

** Statement of the Offenses Desvaux Committed Against Myself **

- Desvaux told me that I needed a crown on a very back tooth. Considering his neglectful conduct, which was of a malicious nature, I suspect that he lied about the need for a crown.

- After briefly hacking/grinding a back molar tooth Desvaux neglected to check a partial mouth mold he used for the permanent crown to see if it fit.

- Desvaux neglected to inspect the temporary crown to see if it fit properly before allowing me to leave the office.

- The temporary fit badly. Desvaux neglected to attend to the victims' pain for two weeks and instead said to "take Tylenol."

- Desvaux neglected to check the completed crown to see if it fit before gluing the crown in place.

- Desvaux then, without asking my permission, ground/hacked on two good crowns (which were installed by another dentist) leaving jagged edges.

- Desvaux thought that I was dissatisfied with the other dentists' work. I believe that he destroyed the surfaces of the two crowns deliberately thinking that I would let him install new ones.

I filed a complaint with the Tennessee state dental board. The complaint is referenced as case # [protected].

Desvaux violated me at a personal level. It was horribly embarrassing. The state of Tennessee medical complaints investigator said that the complaint was "my word against Desvaux' word" and unless he admitted wrongdoing that there was not much that they could do.

The medical complaints investigator was right. The state dental board found that Desvaux conduct "did not constitute a violation of the statues and/or rules governing the profession."

Jay Desvaux is not a very honest person. Quite honestly, he needs to be held accountable and punished. Maybe this complaint will do just that.


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    Toothfairy Jen Mar 03, 2009

    I work with Dr Desvaux presently and worked with him when this patient, (who is a man, not Julie Knox) filed this complaint.

    This "man" approached Dr Desvaux SEVEN years after his work had been done. He did not ask to be seen, nor did he ask to have a second opinion on the work, HE DEMANDED MONEY.

    Dr Desvaux refused to pay the money, knowing he had performed excellent care on this patient. This patient then went to the Tn Dental Board and filed suit against Dr Desvaux. The complaint was fully investigated and Dr Desvaux was found completely in the clear of any wrong doing.

    We feel it is unfortunate this "man" feels he has been treated unfairly, but offer even more sympathy for his state of mind and his continued unfounded complaints.

    We have many patients in our practice and of all the patients we have treated, we have this lone complaint. If you are a patient in our office and have more questions about this particular "incident" we will be glad to discuss it in the office with you. If you are a new patient considering our office, please let this prove to you that we stand behind our work . Our confidence in our work and our integrity will not permit us to simply "pay someone to go away".

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    Harvey1 Oct 14, 2010

    Note to readers: Dr. Desvaux walked into a store in which I was working, in the year 2005 or seven years after he committed the offense, and laughed in my face.

    Before that only he and myself knew what he had done. It was after the provocation that that the complaints were made.

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