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CB Roofing Review of J Yesko Roofing
J Yesko Roofing

J Yesko Roofing review: After buying materials they never did the job.

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3:56 pm EDT
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Was initially really impressed. He was friendly and fair in his estimate... then he kept pushing out the job. When he finally showed up, he messed around for an hour and then said he had an emergency job and would need to reschedule. He's been blowing me off since then so it was likely a lie. And I needed the job completed before winter to minimize any water damage... the job is going to be much more involved and expensive now because of all the rot.

Unreliable and poor business ethics. At least I hadn't paid for him for labor but now I have to find someone willing to use the materials/supplies I bought for him because fixing everything is going to be far more expensive now. If he didn't actually want to do the job he could have said so and I could have gotten someone else to do it.

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