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CB Bad Business Partners Review of Innovative Merchant Services an intuit company
Innovative Merchant Services an intuit company

Innovative Merchant Services an intuit company review: poor service and rates 5

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3:23 pm EDT
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I have read the posts and agree with the evidence of a dishonest company. BEWARE of all the hidden fees! Regardless of any promotional offer received during setup, the terms of these offers are simply disregarded. Keep any paperwork you are given for life and completely understand the contract you are signing.

The phenomenal fees your will incur as your account continues are simply unreasonable. You must pay detailed attention to the activities by this company as their practices are nothing but dishonest and corrupt. You will get nowhere when attempting to resolve the issues.

Reality is that the practices of innovative merchant services are simply untrustworthy and manipulative. Their pricing is extremely overpriced and their customer service is worse than poor. I am pleased to have eliminated this corrupt company from my business. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere, there are multiple companies operating with value.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Reseda, US
Dec 17, 2009 9:17 pm EST

file a class action law suite

Tucson, US
Dec 25, 2010 5:54 pm EST

I have had the same problem with Intuit. They are billing me even when I cancelled my account. They did not process my first and only transaction and even though I was supposed to get free service for three months they have have billed me and they refused to send me any paperwork. I have paid 200 dollars in fees without any service form them and having cancelled my account. They are rude on the phone and refuse to listen to reason.

Brian Hedenberg
, US
Feb 09, 2011 2:44 pm EST
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DO NOT USE INTUIT MERCHANT SERVICES OR HOMESTEAD! First they set up my account wrong, held my sales hostage for over a week, then told me "oops, we set up your account wrong" made me send in all my corporate paperwork and then held my funds another 72 hours. Because they set up my acct wrong the bank rejected the deposit so Intuit charged me over $116 off my first deposit and never told me about any of it. Shady shady shady shady! Trust me, its more of a headache then what its worth. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! HOMESTEAD IS A JOKE AS WELL.

Hoover, US
Apr 20, 2011 12:55 am EDT

I signed up using my free offer from Quick Books and Intuit. When I discovered I would have to change my credit card processing company, I stopped the signing up process and never did any business with them. They billed me and I called and discussed the incomplete application process and they advised me they would terminate the service upon me sending written request, which I did. I never thought anything about it although I did see on my monthly bank drafts a charge for "BankCard MTO" each month but I thought it was just part of the "Merchant BankCard" charges that I was getting for interchange, discount and monthly fee. This last month I changed my processor for bank cards and when I noticed in April I was still being billed, I called and to my surprise discovered they had been billing me for 4 years a monthly amount of $39.95 and up. I called and they refuse to refund more than 3 months and were really ugly. I want to sue for fraud and deceptive trade practice as nothing was ever sent to them, they never contacted me (had my correct email) about any changes or anything, and I never had the equipment that would have been required to use their service. They argue saying I just chose not to use it but the service was available. I don't know how I could have used them as nothing was ever done to convert it over. I want to sue and would like to know of any others that have found the same situation.

Atlanta, US
Mar 17, 2012 7:40 am EDT
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My advice is for small business owners to stay away from Intuit Merchant Services. There are several reasons for this:
1) They will treat you as a criminal during the sign up process. They think business owners are out to commit credit card fraud and come at all potential customers from this starting point. They automatically don't trust you.
2) There salespeople are just that, 'salespeople'. They don't listen and they know better than you. They automatically have an attitude. They are not customer oriented.
3) The salesperson takes the order and then it goes to the underwriting department. This is why it takes so much time to get approved because they are checking everything out. They will come back multiple times asking for more and more information. They will insist on bank statements, etc. If you thought getting life insurance was hard just wait until you deal with the underwriting dept at Intuit Merchant Services.
4) The process of using Intuit Merchant Services in their software is not very good. There are multiple popups that will slow you down. If you have a counter sales operation it will slow you down as you have one screen for Invoices or on account charges and another screen for sales receipts or counter sales where you take credit cards, check, cash etc. You can't send an Invoice to the Sales receipt and payment process automatically. This is ture for QB Pro, Premier, Enterprise. Intuit POS is better for counter sales.
5) When you sign up if you tell Intuit Merchant Services your maximum invoice for a day is say $1000, if you try to run through an invoice for more than the amount you specified when you signed up you will automatically catch the attention of their fraud department. It it very likely your charge will not go through. This will then call for may phone calls to MS. They will treat you again like a criminal. They will say 'you told us $1000', why are you charging more. It the charge is high enough you may have no recourse and they will not run the charge. You are stuck with no product, and you are out the money. Again you the business owner are the criminal and I gurantee they will treat you as such.