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I'd like to let people known about the fraud being committed by the company called IMPERIA INVEST BC. This company is saying will be paying a large amount of money to those people who bought a share of a TEP pension fund for 60 $ and in return the people will get about 130.000 $ which is technically impossible. To pay the money they will use a so called FLEXDIRECT NAMELESS VISA DEBIT CARD without providing the name of the bank/organization that will distrubute such card. VISA do not deal with with nameless card at all, and as far as I know an invest is being done by VISA international about the matter.
The fraud being committed is done towards the people becouse this TEP pension fund is actually fake and those cards too are fake.


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    WLDIII Mar 23, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I found God and no longer care about what these people did to me. I'm not angry at all because I have my faith and because of this... I am the ritchest person in the whole woide world! I was hoping to do this so I could see my kids and yes I was lied to and stolen from but they will pay for their crimes against us all! Let us all pray that we get through this tough time in our lives. I Jesus and his mother Mary appeared in my photos on april 7th, 2011! Jesus also made another appearance through a tiny green ledlight just to answer my prayer and I never put any of my MANY miracles on Ebay! For what?! God was so proud of me, He is now Making all of my dreams come true and why?! Because He gave me pure Gold! AMEN!!!

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  • Az
    azaire27 Dec 24, 2010

    Imperiainvest need to be investigated by the USA top securities, and refund to the customers their money with profits .

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  • Ag
    aghasherazee Dec 08, 2010

    I am a Disabled Person who put $ 9000.00 in Imperia Invest and have not received anything back, I hope the
    SEC gets hold of them and see they are punished for defrauding people .

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  • dolaRao Dec 06, 2010
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    My Name is Mr. Robert Henry Alufurai from Solomon Islands a country close to Vanuatu, Please I need more information about Imperia Invest, why they are not responding tomy emails sent to them. I have paid the fess they required, but until today 7th November nothing is head from them no the Visa card thy promised.

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  • Ma
    mario 222 Dec 01, 2010

    Dear friends !
    As many of you in aproximately 20 countries, where pension funds like Pension Plan, Imperia invest or PWW4YOU, have spead their tentacles or bussines, i was shocked when i found out, of course after a long reasearch, that probably from all of that what those funds promise u get nothing, nothing and once again NOTHING. A SCAM.

    That's why me and 2 friends that also bought a large amount of those »lottery tickets« decided to look into that matter. We started a few months ago and through all sorts of conections came to shocking information. I am Eric Johanson, 48 years old and born in Norway and Dr. of metalurgy. I work around the world alot but momentarily in Italy. I fluently speak Eng., Ital., Fra., and partialy German. My 2 friends are from GB; one is a doctor and another one a lawyer but they are occupied at the moment so i decided i am going to get to the bottom of this scam. This is my mail [email protected] and I am asking you to send me the number of your phone, so I can call you if you have a special request. The first thing we found out is that the owner of all 3 funds is one firm. After we gathered enough information we turned on the international court in Hagg, but they told us to take this to a special international department of internet crime in Germany, working on preventing money laundring. When we presented the case to them with all the evidence and information we gathered until than, they told us what to do next. An important information that might interest you is that they were already monitoring the firm for quite a while and that they have already closed a couple of their bank accounts(not all yet) and siezed large amounts of money-they wouldn't say how much, but we heard from one of our connections that it was a couple 10 mil. euros. For now.

    We decided to try to help you as much as we can because we are stronger together and for any1 that wishes more inf. Please mail me the following data: name and kast name, city, country, your tel. Number, number of policys and the name of the firm, like Pension Plan, Imperia Invest or PWW4YOU, that sold you the policys.

    We are trying to get atleast some of those millon they siezed back to the investers. I would ask any1 who is interested for getting new inf. to send me your request from your mail, not in group. In case u aren't good in English, send us in your language and we'll try to translate it.

    Please send this mail to your friends or any that got burned by working with those companys or if you think they can!!!




    If your are interested for working with us i request that you respond as sooner as possible because when we get a certain number of people that we can control we will stop taking other people. We don't know that number yet but you will be informed soon. We still have room for now.

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  • En
    eneias Sep 17, 2010
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  • Wl
    WLDIII Sep 10, 2010
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    If any one of you have been or knows someone who has been screwed by (IBC), please drop me a line and tell me your storys. Life has been a struggle for me as well. I had hopes and dreams just like everyone else had. Flexdirect? I haven't got any debit card and I'm not waiting anymore! I would love to here from all of you.
    Send me a letter @ PO BOX 226
    Seguin TX.
    William L. Denend III

    I joined Nov. 19, 2007

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  • At
    atila Sep 10, 2010

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    is your opportunity, go without compromise

    and discover how to change your life.
    My life is changing, come and live in excellence. [email protected] doubt.

    Attila Athayde Neves

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  • Ro
    Royal Pension Plan Jul 28, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Hi Friends

    I am Jahangeer Shaikh from India. Today I joined Royal Pension Plan.
    The opportunity to participate in a reverse pension plan has, until now, been a closely guarded secret for many years, with such an opportunity being a reality only amongst the rich and powerful.

    Now, thanks to the advent of the Internet and the ability to reach thousands of individuals, we are able to bring the concept of the reverse pension plan to the world and an opportunity for a richer life to all who decide to join us.

    If you're someone who would like the opportunity to improve your financial future today, please accept our invitation to take a close look to see if the Royal Pension Plan is for you.

    The Royal Pension Plan
    This is a membership that you purchase once ($65.) in return for a compensation in one lump sum ($80, 000.) before you retire, payable once the required membership (every 50, 000 members x 2) has been reached.

    Membership in the Royal Pension Plan is available to anyone, of any nationality, between the ages of 18 and 75.

    The plan will be limited to a total membership of 100, 000 accounts. Once this number is achieved the membership offer will close and the program will be closed.

    Additional 'bonus' payments of $2, 000. per new member will be paid to members who successfully refer other members into the program PLUS we also now offer additional and instant referral bonuses paid directly to your LibertyReserve account with payments made every hour of every day.

    Due to the location of our experts, and of some of the key financial institutions involved in this program, the currency used will be US Dollars. If you are located outside the US, our membership payment gateway will allow you to convert your own currency into US Dollars.

    The Downside of Traditional Pension Plans
    Normally, pension plans require the policy holder to pay premiums into a policy for a period of up to 65 years and then at around 65 years of age the benefits are paid out at a monthly rate (if he or she is still alive to enjoy them). Of course, this means waiting years, even decades before any financial benefit is derived from the plan.

    Additionally, a less favorable point of normal pension savings is the older you are when you enter the program, the more you are required to pay to gain at least a reasonable benefit when your payout finally commences. You also run the risk of your pension fund reducing in value due to falling markets or tax-grabs by governments, or disappearing altogether due to corporate theft or fund mismanagement (as has happened recently in the UK and US). All in all, though essential to most people, 'normal' pension plans can offer very little security for the future.

    LEARN how the Royal Reverse Pension Plan is Different
    Firstly you do not need to contribute to the policy for several years. All you need to do is pay your one-time membership of $65. Period. This fee covers the cost of setting up and administering the plan on your behalf. (Similar programs for the financial elite have required enrolments in excess of $100, 000 and have produced millions of dollars in return)

    A simplified overview of how it all works
    (Note: the figures and calculations involved in this plan are more complex than illustrated below)

    Upon completion of the program (at each 50, 000 accounts achieved) each member will have a pension plan set up for them by our team of experts with a face value of $250, 000 (this is the contract maturity value when the member reaches age 75).

    A mortgage is then raised on each policy through our investment bank for 60% of the face value, a sum of $150, 000.

    The mortgage is used to pay for the $60, 000 premium amount on the policy and give the member their $80, 000 lump sum 'Reverse Pension' payout.

    The pension policies are then sold to another bank for a discounted sum of around $160, 000. This money pays off the mortgage raised plus any interest or charges accrued.

    The end results being:
    Members receive a $80, 000 payout for their $65 enrolment charge plus an additional $2, 000 for every other member they personally introduce to this program, and instant payments of between $1 and $5 for all direct or indirect referrals down a 5 x 5 forced matrix.

    The pension company sells 100, 000 new policies.
    The first Bank sells 100, 000 mortgages, has 100, 000 new potential customers for other products, and returns a fast $10, 000 profit on each policy.
    The second Bank buys 100, 000 pension policies worth $250, 000 for $160, 000 each, realizing a long term profit of $90, 000 on every policy.

    Royal Pension Plan and our financial experts receive several thousand dollars for each policy.

    Bottom line...a happy and prosperous WIN - WIN situation for all involved.


    Of course all aspects of the plan must work in close harmony in order for this program to succeed, with the most important aspect of the plan being our members.

    We have structured this program to offer many solid benefits to each member who chooses to join us, including:

    a low membership fee of just $65. per plan;
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    purchase of unlimited plans;
    $2, 000 on plan completion, for each new member you personally introduce;
    an extended age range (18-75) to allow more members to participate;
    instant referral bonuses;
    a forced 5 x 5 matrix to help you earn more instant referral bonuses
    pay out commences at each 50, 000 members
    an offshore banking solution with a debit card
    Instant Referrals - See how this works (below):
    You will earn instant bonus $ for all of your direct and indirect referrals. This means that every time someone uses your referral URL to join the plan, you will receive money directly into your LibertyReserve account.

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    The table below is an example which demonstrates how your earnings could accumulate.

    Please note: This example is for illustration purposes only and does not represent any guarantee of income.

    Level Amount People Income
    1 $1 5 $5
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    5 $5 3125 $15, 625

    The Instant referral bonus offered by Royal Pension Plan Worldwide Pension Plan is a forced 5 X 5 matrix, which means that when your up line has more than 5 referrals, you will get free referrals (spillover) passed down to you. In addition to this, any new member who joins the Plan without a sponsor will automatically be placed below a random existing member and all referral payment will still be made!
    Total Possible Instant Bonus Payments Per Plan - $18, 555
    Add to this your $2, 000 direct referral bonus x 5 - $10, 000
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  • Ma
    marceau Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my name is marceau leonard'ihave been register to imperiainvest as member sins 2008 they keep send us information on imformation every day and days about our trid, so ido not undestand wath gone on today .and wy that compagnie reject his honesty suprisely just like that .that meane ther is no trust in that life any mor by my faith .I know som thing wil going one, so definatly i, me desagree for wath going one ///////I think god wil bless you all fox if you turne your face to your customers please my emaile //[email protected]

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  • Em
    emeraldisle May 03, 2010

    Imperiascum may be a fraud!!! They do not give you their name but they are asking for you to send them money to check out Imperia - they give you their account numbers they want you to send money to so they may research Imperia - I find it a bit strange they are asking you for money but do not give you their name - send money so they can take trips to find out more about Imperia - kind of a strange request - plus they bring up the issue that Imperia does not have a brokers license - Imperia does not act as a broker, therefore no need to get license or bonding - they are simply acting as a middleman between the trustees and the investor - plus before investing in Imperia we contacted the bank they were dealing with and they told us that Imperia was a legitimate group - and they also told us that Imperia did not need a license/certificate to do what they were doing. Their address at Sandy Point was a house they were doing business out of - Be very careful right now - someone is using Imperia's name and requesting more funds that what Imperia asks for on their site - so be very carful - make sure that any e-mail you receive is from Imperia and not from a hacker/shyster that is simply using their name to commit fraud. Imperia's site is down until May 7th so these scam artists are using this time frame to trick people into sending them money pretending they are Imperia and know that you have no way to check before the 7th.

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  • An
    Anrew Mar 18, 2010

    I doubt they will pay. This is just a second wave of collecting money from people. I also searched for FlexDirect cards they offer and found site where guys seem to collect interesting facts about them. Anyone going to order credit cards they offer may want to check that site first .

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