Hudson's Furniture Showroomunethical behavior

Ki Sep 30, 2019

To: Hudson's Furniture
From: Gaius and Kimberly Barron
We are a military family currently stationed at Macdill AFB in Tampa, Florida. When we bought our home here in 2017, your store was highly recommended to us by the locals in the area. Up to this point, we have spent over $47K at your local franchise located at 1609 W. Brandon Blvd, Brandon, Fl 33511. Initially, the expectations were high regarding the professionalism, honesty and quality of Hudson's furniture, but after two bad experiences, our view of Hudson's Furniture has completely changed. Below are the two experiences my wife and I had with your store.
1) In October 2017, we furnished our dream home and we worked with "CJ" and William Cunningham, who both worked at this location at the time. We discussed specific furniture and prices in finite detail. We worked more with CJ more than William on the transaction. When we received our furniture and it wasn't what we ordered. When we discussed with management at the store, we were told we had to pay additional funds to get the furniture we initially ordered. We talked to CJ and the manager of the store at the time and they wanted us to keep this problem at the local store rather than go to corporate. We paid the additional money and we hoped this was a misunderstanding only to find out later this mishap was more on CJ. Please reference Sales Invoice Number [protected].
2) In August 2019, we incurred a very similar situation. We've purchased a table set and chairs from you and your team with a lifetime warranty from the 2017 purchase; however, Hudson's could not repair the one of the chairs that had been stained. Hudson explained the process to us where we would get a store credit and we would pick our choice of furniture with the credit. We arrived at the store on 24 August 19 and the salesman proceeds to tell us the credit amount, which at the time we thought was high for chairs. Immediately, we explained the situation to him on the damaged chairs and that we were looking to replace those. As professionally as he could, he told us we had nothing to worry about and he was sure about the credit amount, so we proceeded to purchase furniture based on the store credit. Upon delivery on 26 September 19, the deliverer told us he was coming to pick up the damaged chairs and table and base, which was not what was discussed with Hudson's. The deliverer called the store to understand just to find out that we owed $1300.00 to keep our table and the furniture we purchase with the credit given to us. We refused to pay this at delivery, so the delivery team returned the furniture back to the store. We still have our damaged chairs, and nothing has been done (no phone calls from Hudson) to rectify the situation. Please reference Sales Invoice Number [protected].

Although both situations are slightly different, nevertheless, the outcome was the same which results us having to pay additional fee or money to get furniture that we've ordered. We are reaching out to you to help resolve the current situation with your corporate leaders. Please give me a good time to resolve this or give me a call at [protected].


Gaius S. and Kimberly L. Barron

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