Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Incstalker / conman

Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

Joseph DeMarco aka eBay Seller Hubcapjoes AKA YouTube Channel Crazeenydriver is a 60 year old white male living in Haworth New Jersey. He has been investigated by various people including Rob Wolchek Fox 2 News Detroit Hall of Shame for bullying and stalking buyers on eBay. The Inquisitr and The Daily Mail. He is a pro. internet troll who abuses customers by uploading targeting abusive videos about them and their eBay accounts. He uses two people to help him file false business complaints on the internet about a man that does not own a business to harass him. He works for eBay Motors as a Public Spokesman on YouTube for eBay Motors at eBay Inc 2025 Hamilton Avenue San Jose, CA. 95125 . But may also be working for PayPal or the Russian mob or mafia in Sofia Bulgaria and Russian Federation and may be funneling money to ISIS from his eBay Accounts. Joseph J DeMarco AKA Hubcapjoes has made threats of violence to the elderly and uses confirmed cyber trolls named Jason Paul Decanio of Winter Park FL and Keith Allen Detwiler of 701 Bonnie Dell Dr Marietta GA to carry various internet tasks on former ebay critics of DeMarco's YouTube channel. 321 Pine St. Haworth, NJ. 48185 / New Milford, NJ. Accurate as of 2018.

Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Inc
Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Inc
Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Inc
Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Inc
Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Inc
Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Inc
Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver eBay Inc

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    Jason Decanio only responds because he hates seeing his name up in lights!

  • Updated by Seller Critic · Dec 23, 2019

    I never sent you anything you sack of crap. Maybe Keith or his brother did it, he's always in MI around the holidays! Sounds like your mom loves Porn!

    Jason Decanio Winter Park & Oviedo Florida Must be Baker Acted by a Physician. The Community must be protected from Madness!

    The man here goes by the name Jason Decanio a stranger danger that’s been false flag abusing people on YouTube for over Ten Years. Jason Decanio and wife Stephanie Breon of Winter Park Florida work at the Orlando Resort during the day and at night hop on the internet to abuse and web stalk Charles Fitch of Michigan AKA eBayisajoke. Jason Decanio teams up with the others on this page to stalk, bully and harass Mr.

    Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke just because he’s exposed an abusive eBay seller bully Hubcapjoes. This man is so obsessed with Charles Fitch it’s almost his personal fetish. Just listen to the very Obsessed Jason Decanio audio file and you’ll get a clear perspective as to how skewed Jason’s mind is. In our opinion Florida should Baker Act this dangerous Mad Man of FL.


  •   Jan 02, 2019

    The information that the author has written is filled with libelous and bogus information, he may have gotten some stuff right but on other info he is way off!

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  • S
      Jan 21, 2019

    The person who wrote this false article is Charles Fitch of Westland Michigan. Charles Fitch was investigated by Fox news Hall of Shame reporter Rob Wolchek and called an Internet predator. Charles Fitch is known to own a loaded handgun and bragged in a video that he carries up with him at all times. Charles Fitch is currently employed at Detroit Thermal Systems in Romulus Michigan.They can be reached at [protected]. Feel free to call them them and tell them that their employee is engaging in common that unbecoming an employee and violating their terms of employment. Charles Fitch is also a member of the UAW and is violating their policies as well. They can be reached at [protected].
    A full history of Charles Fitch store stalking, including a list of many of his victims can be found here:

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  •   Jan 21, 2019

    Chuck Fitch needs to be put in jail for writting bogus libelous articles...He cannot accept the True facts, so he has to lie and make up stories to sound valid!

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  •   Dec 12, 2019

    I received a bogus package from Charles W. Fitch of Westland Michigan, yet it was addressed to my mom, the gay boy from Michigan sent two porn DvD's to my house to try to e-bang my mom, well like always Chuck failed because now his is Impersonating Company Personel at ADULTDVDEMPIRE.COM. Charles also sent a fake letter and Invoice that was dated two years ago. We now can Nickname him LONG DONG PAUL. Impersonation charges are pending against the fat-man from Michigan. His number is [protected]. Give him a call and tell him to go suck an egg. Btw here is his picture

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  •   Dec 29, 2019

    As you can see, when Charles W. Fitch is blamed for the illegal stuff he does, Immediately he gets defensive and denies that it was not him. Mr. Fitch we have shopify and notified of your illegal scamming of my mother's home address. Plus Joe has notified Shopify of the illegal activity you did to me and him. Your package was smashed by my big stinky feet and thrown in the garbage. Which is where Mr. Fitch will land once we tie him to the crime. Charges are Pending!

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