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Hp Investigators review: This Company is a fraud

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Man answered the phone and said his name was 'Robert'. He gave no last name. He invited me to his office, and told me how much it was for his information. He took my money and gave me a date to call him back. He never answered any of my calls and never gave me my information as agreed. He uses his office as a 'front' for his fraud, he will go there when he meets someone new to look good, and then he forwads his office phone to his cell phone and avoids you. He acts like he has a big firm, with many employees, but it is really only him, and it is unknown at this time if he is even licensed. He will give you a receipt for your money, but when you look at the receipt his writing is so bad, you can even tell what his name is. Do not use the services of this phony fraud ! The police have been contacted.

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Dec 28, 2011 6:16 am EST
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Mr.M, when you called my voicemail it has my name and last name, you should know you would call every 2 seconds asking.for.additional info you had not paid for. You should also have it on all the false complaints you filed. i can and did find the info you requested. If the people you were looking.for didnt want to talk to you it is not my problem. You need to stop stalking people that you claim they are friends... You have my business card which has my investigators license. You already filed all this false claims with police and all has been dismissed by them. Good luck to you Sr.
Robert Hidalgo Tx investigators license A13973