Highcountry AiredaleMisrepresentation/Puppy Mill

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Highcountry, is a 'Pro" website operator, (much of his time is devoted to web boards with 1000s of posts) has been breeding over 20 years, according to his site.

And over 10-12 generations which translates into Thousands of Dogs produced. Usually he has 15-20 dogs at all times.
While he claims to be a 'hunting'/working' kennel, he does not own any Hunting dogs at present, Nor has he hunted his dogs in years and for many generations.
This was outed on a hunting web board.

His 'hunting photos' of farm pigs being molested, fat sow hogs chasing and intimidating his dogs, on nearly 2 decades old-grainy pics.

Highcountry (Don Turnipseed), is excellent at marketing, as stated, he has produced a few thousand puppies in 20 years, but yet titles on his dogs are more Rare than a 4 leaf clover, other that a 'Therapy' dog (Dog that likes to be petted) and a basic obedience title.
Thousands of pups and has 2-3 titles to his kennel name. Thats it.

Highcountry for lack of a better description, is a small time Puppy Mill, no hip checks in that time, his females are never tested or hunted, they are only 'brood 'mares' confined to pens to ring the register for profits.
Its a Sad commentary for real working dogs.

Last time he tried to prove he had hunting dogs, he got a male dog killed.
He breeds decent looking, large conformation show- type dogs that he claims hunt, but has been exposed on many forums.

The Business of kennels like these are is related to one thing...Dollars.
His motive is profit, not working ability, improving the breed, not love of dogs or hunting dogs.

I had begun seeking a Working Airedale and began to do some research and was alerted to some things that I found troubling.

They are rare, but I have located a few are small time, Family Hobby hunting airedale breeders-small time hobbyists still working dogs, and that is where Im looking, unless I go to Europe to import.
If anyone else has any pertinant info, please share it as the dog community needs to police its own.
Thank you


  • Ai
    airedale hunter Feb 07, 2021

    Funny to see this review showing updated 2020. This is a repeated post from a guy who made the website "airedales are a failure." The guy got into an argument with Don on a working dogs board and decided to make it personal. He's never even had one of the dogs. He has been repeating the same posts for years anywhere he can to knock an entire breed but mostly focuses on this kennel. It is true there is a youtube video of a dog with no training that did not do well in a confrontation scenario. If I'm looking for a hunting dog, that doesn't really mean anything to me. That said, the High Country dog I had was protective when needed and I never seen it back down from a confrontation. Don hasn't bred in several years and has retired his kennel. I have had several airedales from different hunting lines. His impressed me the most. The High Country dog was the most confident and intelligent and also had an excellent nose. I hunted the High Country airedale on hogs, upland, waterfowl, coyotes, and raccoons. I was impressed in every one of these venues. I would get another HIgh Country airedale anytime if he were still breeding and would recommend them to other hunters. The point is, the main post and negative posts below are from one person who has repeated these claims all over the internet, who has never even had one of Don's dogs. Everyone I know of who actually had one said they were the best dogs they have ever had. Even on the poster's airedales are a failure website, he uses stolen pictures of dogs from California Catchers to try to prove his point. Calicatchers dogs are excellent, but even he had some airedales at one point and was very impressed with their hunting ability and ability to take the heat as wirehaired dogs.

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  • Br
    Brett Vaughn Feb 19, 2021
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    @airedale hunter Do you know what ever happened to Don?.. I went by Cowboyvon on his Bulletin Board

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  • Ja
    James Johnston Jr. Jun 19, 2020
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    I've bought 3 dogs from Don; all great. The last one didn't work because he was gun shy but that wasn't Don's fault. The best one was "Buck" who could do anything. Great bird dog, retriever, pal, you name it. IMHO, there will never be another better dog for me and I've had them all. Till the day I die there will be no better dog than my Buck. Period. And I thank Don Turnipseed for his terrific knowledge and friendship while I had him. If I knew I could get another money would be no object.

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  • Jo
    Jon Vincent Jul 21, 2018

    Interesting posts. I bought a male out of the High Country bloodlines from Dan Salb in 2017. Kemp will be 18 mos. old on Aug. 27, '18 and is definitely a "head turner". A bit skiddish if something's out of place, definitely not gun dog, but serves the purpose for home protection (great deterent) and companionship. Dan Salb spent hours with me via phone, educating me about the breed without merely trying to sell puppies! Dan is a dedicated Airedale Terrier enthusiast - who I've met in person, a long w/ my pup's Damn and Sire!


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  • He
    HeatherErnie Jan 04, 2018

    I got my Airedale male from Don 10 1/2 years ago and my dog is courageous, confident, friendly with everyone, athletic, has the most gorgeous lines I've ever seen in an Airedale, smart as a whip, easily trained, fun, protective, full of personality, no hip issues, etc...he's GOLD!
    What happened to High Country Airedales/Don Turnipseed??? Does anyone know?
    The website is gone, the email doesn't work.
    If you know, please let me know: [email protected]
    Thank you!

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  • Mi
    Mike Berger Dec 13, 2017
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    My dog from Don has bad hips according to the vet...Also has bad/malformed feet and limps often. The dog is also probably the dumbest dog I have ever owned. I tested his IQ by taking beef ribs to my 3 dogs, ordering them to sit and when they did gave them a bone. The other 2 dogs sat immediately and received their bones. I forced the Airedale into a sitting position, praised him and gave him a bone. I did this once per week and it took one year before the Airedale from Don would sit on command to receive his bone...He shows his lack of brains in other way's also...HyCountry Airedales are a complete fraud...AKC show Airedales are much better all around dogs than these...

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  • De
    Dean-Y Jan 04, 2016
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    I agree with you completely. I bought a dog from Don about 12 years ago and she has been the best dog we could have hoped for.
    Smart, even tempered, great with people and protective of our family.
    I have also been looking for Don to get another of his dogs.
    If anyone finds his contact info, please pass it along to me.
    Dean Yonenaga [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Sarah Boyle Oct 24, 2015
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    We bought a female Airedale from Don back in 2001 and then a male in 2002. Both amazing dogs, great personalities and true companions. We ended up using the female to breed with some of Don's males and he said the puppy we ended up giving him as payment gave him some of the best puppies thereafter. The male we could use to breed because he ended up getting tetanus. From our females second litter, we ended up keeping two of her puppies.. So at one point we had four Airedales. They have all passed today, and my parents (especially my dad) wants to buy two more Airedale puppies. Does anyone know where Don went? They even drove up to North Fork looking for him one day but a realtor said that he had moved? Not sure if that is even true. I will say this, the female was stubborn, but boy did she have the best personality.. And the male was kind of A-type, he would take my dads gloves and would set them side by side next to him so the other dogs wouldn't take them. I miss them truly! But, if anyone knows where Don is and if he is still breeding or if someone knows where my parents can get in touch with breeders that don't cost an arm and a leg (they just want dogs, no show or hunting dogs, however my dad use to take the males out with him when he fished), please let me know!
    Sarah - sarahboylepr @ gmail (dot) com.

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  • Dr
    Dragonflydance Sep 04, 2015

    Ive had 2 Airedales from Don and both have been wonderful. I've known him personally as well as his dogs. He had many, many current photos in his home of his dogs hunting and being successful at it. All of his dogs were healthy. He didn't OFA because he didn't need to. He line bred and had some of the healthiest Airedales that existed. High country had the best Airedales. I wouldn't take any of these people's' comments for face value. If you can find a high country dog, it's definitely worth a look to see for yourself how nice they truly are

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  • Za
    Zachar Feb 24, 2013

    Video of Highcountrys dogs are on Youtube, and feature them running off into the next county when faced with a threat.
    Thats what 20 years of breeding to no standard gets you.

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  • Za
    Zachar Feb 23, 2013

    Mr Dan Salb,
    Perhaps you will read the feedback above from Mike Berger, a Highcountry dog owner.

    The video of the Highcountry dogs below do not Lie.
    Mr Turnipseed bragged, before being banned, of his dogs abilities in a defense scenario on Working Dogs Forum.
    A challenge was made. Mr Turnipseed of Highcountry Kennels, called his dogs 'face dogs', in that they would take off the face of the intruder as they supposedly do to animals. This proves that they are face dogs, in that when they are faced with a threat, they Run away into the next county.


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  • Da
    dan salb Feb 18, 2013
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    Dave, I just happened to notice that your not all that far from me at all. In fact, you claim to know quite a bit about High Country Dogs even though you've never seen one. Dave, In my last post I left my phone number, web site and access to my email. Interestingly enough I've not heard from you.
    I would be honored were you to make a trip down to visit one of the dogs you so aggressively attack. While your at it why don't you bring one of your dogs just for comparison. Who knows? Maybe our dogs would hit it off quite well.
    I'm guessing though, that your more apt to talk bahind a computer screen. In any event I'm here if you ever want to meet a real High Country dog.
    Yours in sport
    Sincerely Dan Salb
    Easton MD

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  • Us
    User1361224388 Feb 18, 2013
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    I wouldn't get one from HighCountry.
    The one I have from Don is a big, slow, gutless cripple. He has malformed toes and will lame-up if hunted more than twice per week.
    Hard headed too.
    I don't like dogs that constantly have to be slapped on the head because there purposely doing the wrong thing. Oh, and they ain't cheap, I paid 1450.00 (with shipping).
    Take care,
    Mike B.

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  • Da
    dan salb Dec 11, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a High Country dog at my feet as I write this. I am not a boar hunter but I do use him on Pheasant, and other upland birds as well as ducks and geese.He does not love to swim but when it's time to retrieve, , a duck or goose be it rough or cold water, nothing will stop him, . When it comes to upland birds he's got a great nose and naturally took to it.
    He is a good steady dog that has taken his obedience work pretty seriously and while not titled is trained through open. He is a good natured dog and generally not aggressive towards people and is quite gentle with children and older people. This is especially important to me because he needs to represent my business, I train dogs for a living.
    With other dogs he is the sort of dog that will not start a fight but if pressed will gladly take on all comers. In fact last weekend was Thanksgiving. My brother brought his Rottweiler with him. My dog (Cowboy) ignored the Rotty. It was not until the Rott jumped Cowboy, while he was sleeping, that Cowboy paid any attention. At that point Cow put a whipping on the Rott. It was broken up pretty quick so no real damage was done but as I said Cowboy tends not to start trouble but will willingly take on all comers if jumped.
    I see what others have written on High Country, I don't know what they saw but the dog I have right at my feet is a pretty damn good dog. In fact, if anyone in the mid Atlantic area is interested in a High Country dog I would be glad to let them meet my dog as a representative of a good solid hunting Airedale out of High Country

    Oh and one last thing. I noticed one poster here deride High Country as a puppy mill. While looking for an Airedale I spent quite a bit of time looking for one that could do everything I needed. When I decided I might buy a dog from High Country I traveled to California to meet Don and his dogs. All were good natured dogs and in good shape. Can't say the same about Don " just kidding Don, if you read this"

    Dan Salb

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  • Em
    emmettmacshane Jun 14, 2012

    How does one review a dog he's never owned, or a kennel he's never even visited? If "davidlovessteelers" were a real person, he'd have used his real name. This is a 2 bit smear attempt by a mentally disturbed habitual internet troll, who knows absolutely nothing about wild boar, and even less about airedales.

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  • Bo
    bobgordon May 17, 2012

    Does anyone know where I can fine an Airedale that likes to hunt? Pigs and birds. I used to have one but now can't find one.
    Thanks, Bob in CA.

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  • Za
    Zachar Mar 01, 2012

    'I had one Airedale from Coyotegods and the one I have now is from Highcountry.
    They both Tuck-tail and Run from coyote's, and they aint decoying.' Mike Berger, Owner

    'Do I sell to a lot of hunters, no, they don't want to pay the price for a dog that may not survive the first hunt.' -Don Turnipseed

    'The Coyotegods pup (6 weeks) was 500.00, and the Highcountry pup was 950.00 + 500.00 shipping. First dog was also psyco and was eventually put-down, second dog I still have and has a great temperment, but if I hunt him more than three day's per week, (one hour per), he "lame's up" and is useless.' -Mike B.'

    'Some people are saying that Don's Airedales are aggresive with other dog's. I havn't found this to be true at all, in fact, the only time my Highcountry Airedale has been exposed to strange dog's, (two small, half starved, feral dog's), was when we were out hunting and he stumbled upon them, they started barking at him, he tucked his tail and they chased him about 70 yards back to me... He also tucks his tail and runs from Coyotes. He is three now, so he should have SOME grit by now. He is also chronically lame and limping, I can't take him out more than twice per week. He has been a COLOSSAL dissapointment. (1450.00 dollars).' -Mike Berger

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  • Da
    DavidLovesSteelers Jun 03, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Zachary S..

    He got his last dog killed by not having it trained, or put into a baypen to teach the dog on a sow or small hog, how not to get killed ie Manners.
    A $60cut vest wouldve saved his dog from dying. And the reality is if you look at the photos, those arent real Razorback hogs or Euro Hogs.
    They are Fat, Farm ferals. His dogs look too gangly and long to be agile enough to avoid them. Id hate to see his dogs on a real Boar.

    He now has no hunting dogs in his entire kennel.
    His females are Broods, kept only for profits.

    If you read through his posts on Versatile dogs (He has over 2800 posts) he clearly states he doesnt believe in hip testing, as his dogs are in such good shape they couldnt possibly be dysplastic.
    Where have we heard this before?!!

    Its a ruse, for being cheap, and not doing the ethical or responsible thing. Even if his males showed no signs, then his females, which dont do anything but breed, should be tested.

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