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I had my car towed to Rightway Auto Electrical over 2 months ago, they initially told me that there was a misunderstanding as there was another vehicle "apperantly same model as mine " which they were providing an update on .
The claim was approved a month ago by my insurer and I self-paid portion of the claim and to date I still have not received my car despite the numerous phone calls and emails I have sent to the company and the final straw is that they are now bluntly ignoring my calls and I have my calls ended in my ear, whilst trying to obtain an update.
I strong believe that the service I am receiving from Rightway Auto Electrical is boarder line racial, as I trully find it hard to believe that such treatement would have been given to a white person.
I have been patient as I have been advised that they are busy with the vehicle and I have now entered on the 3 months of having to pay for a vehicle and insurance for a vehicle that I have not used to out of choice but beacuse of lack of service and possibly beacuse of the colour of my skin .

I have requested that they reimburse me my money and give my vehicle back as I have heard every story under the sun with regards to thier excuses, as if that was too much to ask they never even bother to respond or acknowledge my request.

I truly wish they could have just told me that they unfortunately are unable to repair or provide the service for whatever reason, I would gladly taken my car to someone who could have assisted .

Oct 08, 2019

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