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HD Foundations Inc review: Foundation warranty repair work

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On 6/17/22, HD Foundations Inc performed warranty work on 5 piers at the front left corner of our house under warranty.

As the crew was performing the adjustment, I heard a big snapping/cracking sound and the crew lead give a big yell to his crew to stop adjusting the piers.

I heard the crew lead and his crew talking about what had happened. Then the lead come inside and told me and my husband that the adjustment was finished and then we walked through the area of the house where the adjustment had been made. I immediately noticed that there were deep cracks around the window frames and along the drywall. The door to the bedroom no longer closed. The lead told us that was normal after an adjustment and the cracks would close after the house settled some. In subsequent weeks, I kept hearing cracking sounds and more cracks appearing in the drywall in the rooms on the same side of the house where the adjustment was performed. The stone in our fireplace also started cracking. The baseboards starting separating from the walls.

I contacted the company engineer several times to come and check to determine if the adjustment had been done correctly but he kept putting it off saying that the house was probably 'settling' due to 'seasonal movement' from the dry summer weather. He did come out about 2 months later and walk through the rooms and again told me the cracks were caused by the dry summer weather.

About the 4th time I asked to come check our foundation, he told me he 'couldn't be making trips to our house every other month because of drywall cracks'. I'm afraid they adjusted the piers too much and caused the foundation to be off balance causing the continued cracks.

1. I would like an apology from HD Foundations for making me feel like I was a 'bother' and wasting their time with my concerns.

2. To reinspect the work done and confirm it was done correctly.

3. I would like for the engineer to admit that maybe his crew could have made an error in how much they adjusted the piers.

4. Compensate for the cost of the repairs for the damage done.

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