Hci Direct, Inc.Silkies Enriche


I received a "notice" from RMCB, Inc. with a PIN number [protected], under that number 01 C1 S22 [protected], across from that number [protected] (phone number??) saying that I owe $19.94 to their client, HCI Direct, Inc., distributor of Silkies Enriche. I have NEVER ordered this product from anyone. If indeed it was sent, I would have thrown in the garbage!!! I would NEVER use an unsolicited product on myself, especially something put on your face/skin. (terrorism???)

This RMCB company is a SCAM to get money from people through scare tactics, saying that my "account" has been turned over to a professional collection agency. Unfortunately, I believe quite a few unknowledgeable people have fallen for this scam. This RMCB company should be stopped in its tracks from doing this to unsuspecting people.

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