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I bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle through Harley Davidson financial services. My payment is $465 a month and I have had the bike a little over a year. I pay my bill every month but there are times I pay late. I pay my bill online and was not aware that there were two late payments that I did not pay. Harley financial looked up my neighbors in the white pages and contacted two that I know of and asked them to tell me to call them because I would not answer the phone. They called them several times until they finally answered the phone. My neighbors contacted me because they wanted me to know that were being harassed by MY creditor. I contacted Harley to find out that they were hunting me down for late fees that totaled $80. Is this legal for them to contact my neighbors and harass them to contact me??


  •   Jun 17, 2010

    Dawniette is a Troll...ignore her/him/it.

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      Aug 22, 2010

    Actualy there is a law in place that states what they are doing is elegal for that typ of harassment. They actualy do not have the right to harass your neighbors to find you. Whether or not you are in the wrong is your problem. However they can contact the other people you put on the lone info and bug them to get in touch with you. All the people that are saying this is legal have either more money than you and I do or thier parents are paying the bill for them. What Harley-Davidson Financial Services is doing is very elegal.

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      May 02, 2011

    We made 70 payments out of 72 when harley decided to put $500 more on the account, because we were late 6 times in 6 years. I offered to pay the bike off in December 2010, but we had 5 payments left and they would not take off any interest to pay it off early so it was in our best interest to just pay the rest of the payments. Then 2 months later they decided to tack some interest on and they said if we don't pay it in one lump sum, they will come to pick the bike up. After 6 years of of abuse from harley we are taking them to court, wish me luck.. The worst Co. I ever financed threw. This is why our country is falling apart I have bought at least 25 cars, 2 boats, 2 motorcycles, 3 businesses etc... I never had an experience this bad !!!

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      May 04, 2011

    here is what happened to me. I was late on my payments, but made them up. Harley Davison took my bike back and sold it for less than what was owed. They then turned everything over to a collection agency and but down on my three credit bueaur reports that they charged-off the account. The collection agency said if I made a partial payement they would ensure Harley Davison reflected that on my reports. I did this but to this date nothing has changed. It should be against the law to sell an account and show that account is in arrears while all the time they actually had gotten paid on the account.

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      May 15, 2012

    I had my Harley repoed in '08. I had bought it in early '07, and then fell on hard times. They told me if I fell 2 months behind they would start to take action. They would call me if I was 1 day late. The letters would come at 15 days. (This happened on 2 occasions). Then on day 61, they took the bike. I am willing to concede that part.
    When the collection agency got on me about the balance due, because they sold the bike at auction for far less than it was worth, I made arrangements to pay them back, but they would call me and were really condescending and judgmental toward me. After 9 months of payments, they offered me a settlement, and considered it satisfied. This was late 2010. Here it is 2012, and I just got a call saying I still owe money to Harley Davidson. What is going on? Does nobody do their job anymore?

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      Jan 20, 2013

    I have a loan through Harley Finance, and like previous comments, I too pay my bill every month, once I was late, but paid It up and continue to make payments normally. This past Friday (15th), my payment was due, but since I was working I did not get to it, Now it is Sunday morning and the ###s are calling me three time already to collect the payment. I am two days late sine it is the weekend, but I plan on making payment on Monday, but with this type of crappy customer service, and will not make the payment for another 10 days since they are harassing me so much for being late 2 days. This is a very poor organization and it has ruthless tactics for harassment. I will never purchase another Harley Davidson with this organization ever again, and cannot wait till this one is paid in full to get these sleazebag's off my case, and out of my life!

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  •   Jan 20, 2013

    It is called a reverse lookup and yes they can ask your neighbor to have you call them. What they can not do is discuss your account in any way with your neighbor. Now you admit to paying late, so how would you not know you have a late fee? And you claim they are harassing you, but I am willing to bet your still climb on that bike and ride it, don't you? Since you have broken your legally binding contract by being late, did you know that they can demand payment in full? And that being late even one payment can legally allow them to take the bike?

    Instead of writing online claiming harassment for a business who is in the right to expect payment on time, perhaps you should stop dodging their phone calls and pay what you owe.

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      Dec 29, 2013

    HD Finance is the worst ever for customer care. There are times that customers will be late due to various reasons. However, being late does not give HDF the right to constantly badger the customer. I send my payments by check. Many times I receive notices combined with harassing phone calls. HDF are given check numbers and dates written. I have to call and tell them to back off. 100% of the time, after a long hold on the phone, the agent will come back on and state that they are sorry for the inconvenience and that the payment had been found and had been paid. When my statement arrives, I have been charged late fees. Of course, this happens to scores of HDF customers. I am now wanting to pay off the bike online, bur Harley Finance wants to charge $12.00 for every $2500.00 paid online. So my wife sent a check instead 2 weeks ago .Harley now says they never received it and are charging late fees. I have learned to not ever finance through HD again. Just horrible.

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  • A
      Mar 10, 2016

    Your company is a joke, I have had a million phone calls and have not been able to log into my online account which I've had to call and reset the account 3 times, this service and there company is beyond a joke, do yourself a favor and save some money, go use Craigslist or anything over them. Waste of time, money, and you get quality junk from harley davidson. Last thing I ever want to read again from your worthless company and website is that your here for the people and to make them happy, selfish worthless.

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  • K
      Nov 17, 2016

    I am so unhappy with HDCC, I send my payments in at least 4 to 5 days ahead before due.3times now I get phone call after phone call saying they haven't got my payment, on the day before my $50.00 late fee I pay with debit card with a $12. Service charge and guess lost check is cashed yup by Harley! So now they have two payments and it takes 21 days to refund my debit...such bullcrap! I hate this company ...never again.

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  • D
      Nov 22, 2016

    I bought a new fat boy in 2014. I have had the bike for 2 years and never had a late payment until recently. My house had a bad fire and I am currently homeless as a result. My money is stretched thin for now and I can't pay them on the exact day they want me to. Now I get called literally 6 times a day non stop. They are harassing the crap out of me after I told them I'll make a payment at the end of the month due to circumstances. Do you think that they stopped calling?! Nope!!! One day late. NO grace periods whatsoever and non stop harassment... I'm very disappointed in HD and will NEVER buy another one.

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  •   Dec 10, 2016

    Paying by check in the mail is so last decade. Add to that you send your payment 4-5 days before it is due. Big no no. If you can't come into this decade and pay online, then you need to at least be sending your payment at the minimum two full weeks ahead of time. You are late. Deal with it.

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  • L
      Aug 11, 2017

    WOW! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I had a 648 credit score when I bought my HD Dyna Lowrider. I went in knowing I was going to be financing through my credit union at 3.74%. It was a Sunday and when signing my paperwork, I told the finance lady at San Diego Harley Davidson, that I was financing it through my credit union. She had to set up a payment through HD Financial and I said OK. Whatever, I'm going to the credit union tomorrow to do all the paperwork. Then I questioned the price they sold the bike to me. It was over the MSRP!!! I said, wait! This is over the MSRP. She said they can charge that amount because of the demand. I said that's ridiculous but she wouldn't budge. AGAIN...I ignored the "signs" and thought...Whatever, I LOVE the bike and I'm financing through my credit union. I get to my credit union and here's where it gets rough. They only finance the MSRP of the bike. $16, 900. My out the door price with a warranty and $1500 down was $20, 000! I had to come up with another $3000 to get the 3.74%. HD Financial charged me over 20% with a 648!!! The lady at my credit union was flabbergasted!!! She could NOT believe the practices of Harley Davidson Financial. She said theres no way I should be charged that much interest and unfortunately there was nothing she could do without me putting down another $3000 which I didn't have. My payments are $461. For the first year I paid $500/month so I could pay it down and refinance through my credit union. The damn thing barely went down. I paid $6000 the first year and it went down $1000!!! WTF??!! Now I'm stuck in this HORRENDOUS credit union says pay the minimum payment because they are just taking the rest!!! They are not crediting it to the principal! I've been late a few days, and the stories above are correct! They. HARASS. The. F. OUT. OF. YOU! 3-4 calls a day...UNBELIEVEABLE! I have a mysterious "fee" every month that ranges from $51-$55 EACH MONTH! NO EXPLANATION!!! If you are looking to buy a Harley (They are AWESOME BIKES) HOWEVER, DO. NOT. FINANCE. THROUGH. THEIR. SHADY. FINANCE. COMPANY!!!

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  • S
      Sep 15, 2017

    Glad I'm not the only one, I bought my bike in Jan of 2015 and was always ahead until I had a run in about a ticket from 7 years ago in another stae that I already had taken care of and ended up getting arrested because my settlement was overlooked in system, I lost my job and my home.
    As soon as I got out of jail the first call I made was to the financial services to let them know I was gonna be late by a week or two every month for the next 3 months while I finished paying my attorney fees so I didn't end up back in jail.
    Have been making partial payments and now that I'm fully licensed and back on track I'm trying to catch up by paying 400-600 a week and these c**ksuckers call numerous times as soon as I make the payment just to tell me I'm still behind with their arrogant attitudes telling me that if I can't make payments I should just return the bike.
    When I went to Ventura Harley these mfers didn't wven bother to tell me they can't register out of state, so when I went there with my GA identification, they gladly took it and my money. Then when I got home and went to register in my home state they want me to pay taxes all over again. I called the main office numerous times to complain but nothing. If I would've know it was gonna be this much of a hassle I would've just waited until I was home to buy a bike. This company is such a fkn headache to deal with and the soulless salesmen that hover over you like vultures when you walk through the door are horrible as well. Hands down the worst mistake I ever made was dealing with this company, lesson learned.

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  • Y
      Feb 13, 2019

    I received a call form Harley Davidson demanding payment as they had not received payment from my son on his new bike. I in turned asked why they didn't call him. They stated they had tried but never got a response. They demanded I tell them where the bike was I had to tell them I had no Idea. They then demanded me to make a payment. Told them I was to receive my widows VA Death Benefit in a few days. Asked them would they help me find the bike? And of course they would help me find it and would call me as soon as they did. Never herd a word from Harley Davidson. A few weeks I received a letter that the three month old bike had been found and taken to auction sold for $10, 000.00. I called their finance office, lady was rude told me all I could do was pay $10, 000. and it was already on my credit report. Such lovely people they have working for them.

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  • S
      Nov 12, 2019

    I finally paid mine off today after six years and I'm so happy to have Harley-Davidson financial out of my life! Be smart and never finance your bike through them! They are predatory lenders and the interest rate is obscene! I wish I could post a nice review but truly unable!

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