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Mark Harigian, of Harigian Fitness, agreed to "consult" with the head of Glendale High School's fitness center (who contacted our company for a bid on fitness equipment). Mark agreed to meet with them since he lives in Glendale. Mark is experienced in building custom gym equipment and personal training. He was a good choice to decide what Glendale High School needed. After a few meetings, Glendale High ordered. However, their policy was they could not award the full purchase (budget) to one company. So, we had Harigian fitness sell them 30% of the order and we sold the other 70%. Mark was to receive 30% of the payment and pay us for cost of goods (less his "consulting" fee) which we agreed upon and have it in writing. It was approx $3500. I even added $1500 extra in the end to show good faith. Mr. Harigian was to pay state taxes and keep $5000. In total, he owed around $22k. Well, he sent us a check for 10K. Then he tells us he wants to see all our costs on the goods and he believes we made more and he should get a larger share. He also said if it wasn't for him, we would not have received the order. He agreed to "consult" for $3500 and then became a total ingrate and his greed took over. We have all the original email proving his consent to the job for the amount mentioned and he still refused. He even went back on his word with GHS about a job he would do on his own dime regarding their floors (which he later tried to get more money from us on). The head of the PE department held him to his word and made him do the floors he promised. Bottom line...he took over 12K profit from us and then sent an invoice for his consulting fees for 8K. Ok, let's do some math here. He was invoiced for approx. 22K which gave him a 5K profit. He paid us 10 and then invoiced us for 8K, which means even if we agreed to pay his invoice, you still owe 9K!!! This guy has burned 14 others in the county of LA alone as proof by county records for multiple breach of contract and lawsuits against him. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN. HE WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE AND TAKE YOUR SHIRT. DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON HIM AS WE DID (after the fact). SPEND THE $99 TO DO IT. IT'S WORTH IT TO SEE WE ARE TELLING THE TRUTH.


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    Harigian Fitness Jul 27, 2017
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    I am Mark Harigian, if any of this was true why wasn't I taken to court?
    That would have been my first choice.

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