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I was working on a family project and had to quickly scan a lot of pictures into digital files to put together a slideshow. After a quick internet search I found a product called VueScan at

The site stated that VueScan is an easy-to-use replacement for the software that came with your scanner and supports over 1850 different flatbed scanners, printer/scanners and film scanners.

I purchased the software and when I installed and tried to use it I got the following error message: "No scanners were found connected to your computer, and no raw scan files were found."

I checked http://www.hamrick.comSupport page (which consisted only of a one page FAQ) and found in their FAQs that software does not even work with my scanner! This is disappointing as I even listed the type of scanner on their order form. If they don't support my scanner they should not have processed the purchase.

I work for a large Software company and used my work email to write to Ed Hamrick of VueScan explaining the issue requesting a refund. Ed Hamrick of Hamrick Software refused to give me a refund because he said he had a dispute 30 years ago with the company I now work for. In his email he stated in effect that he was happy to have the opportunity to rip me off.

This guy is a ### and a rip-off. Anyone who does business with him or his company, Hamrick Software, deserves what they get.


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    LarLac Aug 11, 2014

    Several years ago I had purchased VueScan from Hamrick software for use on a Nikon scanner with a bulk loader. When it failed to work properly, I began an email exchange with Hamrick Software, which quickly turned insulting and abusive. This company does not deserve to be doing business. They fail to offer a reasonable tech support presence, instead opting to insult their customers who dare to call them with
    any problems.

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