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Hammerman-Hultgren PCThis firm is no good

This firm is NO GOOD. They are in business because they don't just get what the customer owed - they take money that does not belong to them. They steal from your bank account. They do not serve papers nor give people time to reply or attend court. They refuse to give paperwork PROVING, VALIDATING A DEBT. My payments were not recorded, and there is a judgment that is TOTAL FRAUD. This man will either eventually be shot and killed by someone or people need to join in a class action lawsuit.

Most of us do our best to pay a bill, and when an item is in question, the government and our constitution says that we are to be given PROOF the debt is ours and give time for us or the company to fix it. Unlawful seizure is what this company is doing and not for the amount you owe, but for as much as the blood sucking lawyer wants to make. Even uncollected debt puts him in the black on his taxes so it all looks good to him.

NO one will respond from his office, however eventually, it will be published elsewhere, just where he and his partners live. Send them your letters to personal residences. Go to the Maricopa County Assessor's website and type in their name. You'll get their home addresses. What you do from there is your business, but I'd start sending complaints directly to their homes.

What I did hear though is that Hammerman or one of the former employees is reporting the firm after finding links to child porn after servicing one of the computers. How interesting. After that gets reported, along with Hammerman-Hultgren's tax evasion scams that are also being reported by a former employee. The kickbacks, the fraudulent garnishments and freezing of bank accounts - even accounts OF THE WRONG PEOPLE!

This is a sad joke on Phoenix and these scammers need to be run out of town. The judges are just as bad for taking bribes and letting this firm run itself like a Mafia. Isn't Hammerman a member of a Jewish Temple or community here? Doesn't the bible have harsh words for stealing. Oh, but D-day is coming for Hammerman and his partners. They're gonna get kicked where it hurts the most - in the freaking wallet. And when they think the storm's over, another wave and another wave of headaches and problems will come their way.

So boys and girls, the game is on. Hammerman-Hultrgen PC the fraudsters of Phoenix are going down. Maybe not all the way, but if they want my money, fine - I'll have you by the throat the rest of your lives and there is not ONE thing you can legally do about it!

Start sending them some fun gifts, sign them up for magazines, NAMBLA, playboy, playgirl whatever. If they want to laugh to the bank, then I'm going to make them PAY for it. Harmless fun y'all. I'm very nice until someone gets on my bad side. At this point I hope one of them slides under a gas truck and tastes his own flesh cooking. Smell something? hell's getting ready to incinerate their greedy souls.

The dog is on your trail dear friends. Sleep tight, I'm right nextdoor! sniff, sniff. Stan, say hi to Cheryl, she smells lovely today.


  • Ho
    homeless combat veteran Jan 28, 2009

    It is clear that they use abusive and intimidating tactics to drive their revenue.
    I don't think it is appropriate to call-out their religion or faith as relevant judgment criteria for their actions however.

    The fact is that you are only entitled to the amount of justice that you can afford. When you are broke, and alone - facing legal action from experienced attorneys who make their living from exploiting people who are usually going through the worse trauma of their lives . . . chances are that they will retain the upper-hand.

    I judge the character of these people because I know there is a fair, equitable and appropriate way to resolve disputes. They choose not to take the path of mutual respect and accommodation; They take the path of overwhelming force, harassment and imposed jeopardy. For someone who just experienced a divorce, forced move and layoff - in the middle of financial ruin - this is the most horrible and frightening experience I have ever faced.

    That being said, I judge the character and tactics of the principals at this firm, and others like it. As far as hunting them down, or calling-out their faith, ect... I am sure that a Jewish Rabbi, Catholic Priest and a Evangelical Christian Minister would all agree that no matter their faith - exploiting, intimidating and abusing defenseless and weak people isn't in the doctrine of any legitimate religion. Please don't associate the actions of a man with an entire ethnic/religious group - That's just uncalled for.

    I am petrified over what's going to happen to me and my family. I am scared [censored]less that the only justice I'll receive from the court is in the form of devastating legal annihilation by this and other collections agencies. The system is designed such that once you are down, you are kicked and beaten into irrecoverable financial ruin. This is unfair, and this is unjust - but it is the current situation, and we're on the wrong side of the battlefield no matter how we feel about it. The only solution here is to accept victimization, do the best we can to eventually recover and then take heart to what my grandfather used to always say: "A borrower or a lender never be."

    I'll save the rant over who our tax dollars bailed out, and the bit about those exclusive few that made immeasurable fortune committing fraud and liquidating our pensions, investments & retirement accounts. The attorneys at Hammerman & Hultgren don't care about ethical and just business practices. They care about profit, and have no issue with inflicting and sustaining overwhelming trauma if it drives a dollar-stream from families in our situation. I think it is sad, however it is reality. So judge the character of their practices, judge the laws in place or the laws allowed to be skirted that enable them - but when you go to sleep tonight, go to sleep with your own integrity. Go to sleep without misplaced rage or venom in your heart. In spite of the fact I am facing near certain homelessness, I cannot bring myself to feel anything but sorry for their souls. They'll get their riches and rewards right here on earth... But if we sell-out our own ethical and moral standards, how are we any different than them?

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  • Gr
    grumpy Mar 23, 2009

    Hammerman & Hultgren and in particular, Stanley Hammerman is very unethical and money driven. I had a debt of less than $4, 000 that quickly grew to over $10, 000 the minute Hammerman took representation for the debt. His pleas to the court stated that he was entitled to add interest on the debt. I know there are laws in place to protect you against dishonest practices by such firms as Hammerman and Hultgren but they know that the people they take advantage of cannot afford legal representation so they can pretty much do anything they want to knowing you will never have the funds to go after them. The State Attorney Generals office, the FTC and the courts know that Hammerman & Hultgren are being unethical but can only advise you to hire a lawyer. Hammerman was asked on more than one occassion to provide the original amount of the debt, the judgment amount, the amount paid against the debt and the current balance. Knowing I do not have the funds to hire legal counsel they flatly ignored my request and refused to provide the inf0rmation requested only to say they are entitled to interest. Until our legal system weeds out unethical layers like Hammerman the average hard working American is going to continue being taken advantage of. Lawyers like Hammerman are what give their industry a bad name. I think the term Shark is appropriate for Hammerman.

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  • Sh
    Shocked and Dismayed Jul 22, 2011

    I can think of other terms more accurate. But, yes, they are extemely unethical. It seems that there MO is to let debts sit with them them get a judgement against you at the last minute with no attempt at collection or communication. They are in it to benefit on the backs of others misfortune.

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  • Fi
    filing a complaint Jul 23, 2011

    The Maricopa County Bar Association is the governing body for attorneys in the Phoenix area. Detail your experience in writing and send it to them at: 303 E Palm Lane - Phoenix, Arizona 85004. They do not condone unethical behavior and can disbar attorneys who do so. Together, we as consumers, have power in numbers.

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  • Lu
    lucknumber7 Apr 08, 2013

    Stanley Hammerman is doing work as judge pro tempore now. He is a very sarcastic, obnoxious individual. I do not know anything about the law work he does at all, although he did enjoy speaking of himself instead of trying to work out a settlement at the conference I was at. The thing that disturbed me most, aside from the fact that he was not able to take control of the room was that he made a disgusting reference to the shooting of another attorney recently in Phoenix after a mediation. How unprofessional as a colleague and how rancid as a human.

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  • Ne
    nellierose Dec 21, 2016

    I received a letter on 12/19/16 from Hammerman and Hultgren, PC. dated 12/15/16. it says I have a past due account to Farmers Insurance Company for over 3 grand. This is the first I'm hearing about it. I was in a car accident 2 years ago. If that is what this letter is about, they didn't say, but it's the only thing I can think of. I called my insurance company, House of Chilsom and they told me that my insurance, Progressive, paid the claim and settled the matter and closed the case. TWO YEARS AGO> I told them about the letter I received from Hammerman and Hultgren and they said it sounds like a scam and it raises lots of serious red flags for them because why would I be getting a personal letter from them instead of them going through my insurance company?
    The letter said I must settle the account within 10 days from the date of the letter so that gives me only 5 days. It's the week of Christmas. I'm sure that was intentionally timed.
    I called the contact phone number on the letter but I got a voice message so I left a message with the file number, my name and phone number. It is not two days later and I have not received a call back.
    The letter states I have a "Past Due Indebtedness to Farmers Insurance Company" but doesn't say what it's for or ANYTHING.
    I will report them to the BBB and think I will sue them for harassment and emotional distress.

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  • Ca
    Cam00 May 20, 2017

    @nellierose I got the same letter! Did you ever get a response back from them?

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