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Grifols BPL Austin Texas South

Grifols BPL Austin Texas South review: Denied plasma donation

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12/11/2022 I've been a plasma donor for 3 years and have had very few deferments. Yesterday I went in around 1 p.m. and finished my screening and was in a chair within 20 minutes. The tech called my name and asked for my last four donor numbers. Then he was in normal machine setup and then he walked away. I was then called out to the front and I was led into the physical room where I was then told that I had a very nasty smell about me. I smelled this earlier and I wondered if I sat in something on one of the public buses I took to get there. It was a faint smell of wet clothes due to the fact of it rained earlier. But this tech Reese said it smelled like fecal matter. So I went to the restroom and checked and I found nothing but to be sure I changed into my shorts and new boxers. I returned to him saying that the odor was more apparent. I told him that I didn't smell it at all. I asked for some cologne or perfume to fix the issue, he then said that I couldn't continue and I was told to leave. This would've been my second of the week and I needed the $90. But I was still denied. Now I have to start a new week at just $30 and then $90 for the second. I've heard from the staff that they are ready to quit this place due to unprofessionalism and really poor management. The manager there has been seen talking to the donors like we are children most of us are well in our thirties and forties and we're treated like we are in kindergarten. There needs to be a new staff change in New Management because this place is going downhill and I've seen it packed in there and they just reached their most amount of people 267 in one day and only had four people working. I've heard things over the walkie talkies that should not be voiced at least for everybody to hear. It's like we are cattle and our compensation is next to nothing considering I've done the research and found that each donation after going through a lab can be worth up to $10,000.

Desired outcome: I want to be reimbursed for the time and money I spent to get there and I would like the $90 that I should have received that day.

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