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Georgina Otley review: Abusive e-mail

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You published a completely unsubstantiated e-mail from a person complaining about service. She telephoned me asking for a single room and I told her that I was full, which I was. She then asked for a double room and I again said, sorry but I am completely full, which I was. She then asked when I would next have a single room free, strange question, and I explained that I did not normally let my single room as it went with the twin room. I state this on my website The abusive e-mails I then received were unbelievable. You have published her complaint against my business which is very detremental for me. I was absolutely NOT rude and I do still have the e-mails as proof. She had not even been to stay or paid anything, nor enquired about prices. It is quite wrong that you do not check before publishing such material which can be very harmful to small businesses and is a defamation of my character. I do not have the financial ability to pay vast sums to clear my name although I do have a large number of clients who are very happy with the service I provide. You have published the name of my Bed & Breakfast which could loose me a lot of business. I hope that you will have the courtesy to remove this offensive article. If you are not able to do this please give me the name of your Managing Director and I will contact him/her

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