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As a Real Estate Agent, I have never had such an experience in my life. I recently used this agent to locate and lease a property. He didn't communicate very well with his staff, because when we spoke on several occasions, he was unfamiliar with the complete goings-on.

Knowing we needed to move early, my wife asked the agents rep to contact the owner about early move-in which they stated they did (when they did not). They said we could take possession when they received all of their money upfront in a cashiers check, which we did.

The contract provided by George Coloney, a joke of a real estate professional, provides for 5 days for the landlord to provide a lease. Now the right hand definitely doesn't know what the left hand is doing at George Coloney Remax.

The owner and us decide to cut out the realtor, who had at this point become more a hinder than help. Would you believe that its 4 days after the lease was signed before the lock box was taken off the property I took possession of. The sign for George Coloney, a joke of a real estate professional, stayed in the yard over the course of the entire week after all monies had been delivered. This was a problem because now any agent with lock box access can just walk into the home that I've contracted and paid for.

Now here's the good part, someone opens the door to our newly moved into home and walks in. They were seeking the owners as they were interested in buying and then got quite frustrated when asked to leave that the house was already leased and they complained to us the George Coloney, a joke of a real estate professional, should have taken the sign down. We agreed.

Then, not 30 minutes later... it happens again.

Now, I pick up the phone and I call George Coloney and tell him there are people walking into our house. He replies and I quote: "There are no people walking into your house." I tell him there were most certainly strange people not a part of my friends or family, that walked into the house twice. He said: " There are no people walking into your house."

I asked him why he was calling me a liar, and he said he didn't have a signed lease... which as it turns out... he did have, but because of those excellent (joke) communications skills... at which point George Colony a joke of a real estate professional, hung up on me. I called him back, he left it off the hook long enough for me to hear him complaining to someone about the lock box and me thinking that people were walking into my house, then he hung up on me again.

When a friend of ours used their cell phone to contact George Coloney, a joke of a real estate professional ( I think you get the point), and George once they realized what the call was about, promptly hung up on our visiting friend.

George Coloney of Florida Remax, you are unprofessional and this makes you a joke. It opens you to serious liability doing business like that and all it takes is a bit of professionalism and courtesy. None of which you displayed after you received the monies from us on this lease.

As the title states, George Coloney, you are grossly unprofessional and I hope that one day when you need someone to be nice to you... the universe will deal you the hand you dealt someone else so coldly.


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    Jennifer Coloney Realty LLC Sep 24, 2010

    Hmmm. a little late in responding but where'was the BROKER to the transaction??? All contracts must only be processed thru them & them only for final approvals & even a selling agent/listing/rental agent knows that. Obviously there was a communication problem here. By the wayI belive it's quite normal for a lockbox to stay at a listing for a week or so after a sold home or rental deal. No agent goes INTO that lockbox without an appt.!!! If they do..that's why there asre computerized lockboxes w/a record of who went in withOUT an appt.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Coloney Realty LLC Sep 24, 2010

    PS: If the lockbox is NOT computerized then the agent, not the Coloney gGoup, has NO right to go IN the home without again an appt. If no appt in the Coloney gGoup office, then the agent theat invaded the home is in vilation, am assuming. If they had a code from a non computerized (Supra lockbox) from maybe showing the unit before, then again THEY are in vioation, not the Coloney Group, for they have no right to go in again withOUT an appt.

    Is all up to who??

    Hopefully this tenant has moved ON & so has the Coloney Group who r still # 1 in ReMax for what I understand., not #2 OR #20 OR #50 in Broward County. WHEN ONE, A JOKE OF A REALTOR IS NOT #1, IN A BUYER OR SELLERS MIND ...WELL...AM SURE AGAIN IT MUST HAVE BEEN A MISUNDERSTANDING/miscommunication. PS: I bet that owner paid the Coloney Group a commission afterall.

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