Genevieve M. McClintockgenevieve m. mcclintock is not a real friend and she's hungry for men

R Nov 11, 2018
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Ginny McClintock is not a real friend, because she hungry for men, When I first met her in 2016 at 9th and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.She signed my big big birthday card.Me and her shook hands together at the bus stop.She caught the bus home. I seened her the next morning on the Route 31 Bus, Me and her talked on the bus headed downtown going east.She gave me her name and phone number.She was in college/school.In 2016 Me and her ordered fish from Gold Rush Chicken, The delivery man came and delivered the food to me, Me and her had a good time together that Thursday night. When me and her was talking on the phone, Ginny told me that she broke up with her boyfriend, Then she got a new boyfriend who was Cuban and He had money.She broke up with the Cuban guy, She got a new boyfriend named Jeff who rides motorcycles and listen to classic rock music.She talked and bragged about Jeff this and Jeff that!!! She told me that her and Jeff are gonna get married in 2019.She changed her phone number on me.In 2018 she apologized to me about not being a real friend to me on facebook. On Facebook she told me that she's living 100% in Eagle, Wisconsin not in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.I went to her Facebook page and She put up her apartment for rent on 4203 West Martin Drive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.I asked her on Facebook about that apartment she put up and never responded to me!!! I went to that apartment building to see was she telling the truth about her apartment, To see was her name still on the mailbox and to she was still living there.She was not living there no more.That's why me and her ended our friendship!!! I hope their marriage won't last long in Eagle, Wisconsin!!!

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