Geeksontime, IncNon-Payment of Services


Was called to work on a computer in July. Have not been paid for the job. I spoke with the company VP of National Services, Daniel Matalon, who claims that due to a computer screwup, They will not be able to pay me at this time.

Daniel was unable to provide any additional information.


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    Scott Funderburk Oct 26, 2008

    I have 2 invoices outstanding, from September. Suposedly they are having finacial problems. Though that can't be confirmed as not one person including the tech account group will ever reply to ay inquiry I make. I bet the owner and senior people are getting their pay checks on time. The owner should just pay the invocies out of her own pocket. That would be cheaper than the law suite I am in the process of trying to put together. I am going to try for a class action and see if I can get all of the techs who are getting screwed to join me.

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    johnmartin Nov 19, 2008

    i will join they owe me a little over 600.00 bucks call me at 267-716-7948

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    screwedbygot Jan 21, 2009

    Daniel Matalon and Venus McNabb sole owners of GeeksOnTime are total and complete criminals with a very long history of this. Silver tongue devils that have been in the multi level marketing scams since the late 1990's, early in the 2000's they were both run out of the US and had to flee back to their homeland of Canada only to be back in the US now illegally. They are currently living in new york without a visa or permission from the government and should be behind bars before they hurt anyone else. please search for the supier court documents in maricopa county, arizon in both the civil and criminal records for these two theives. when you search please look at all the aliases these two inmates use.

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