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I was sold two paintings for about $9000 (overpriced I found out later) with the promise of a quick resale for a very good profit, as any good scam, they sold me one first, then the second and then a third one which I returned when I realized what was going on. I was given any excuse in the world on why my paintings wouldn't sell. after I told them that i wouldn't buy anymore paintings I haven't received any more phone calls, until a couple of months ago when a guy Harold Sendel called me to let me know that my broker Neil Scharwtz had left the company and now he was in charge of my portfolio, of course tons of excuses again as to why my paintings wouldn't sell and of course try to sell me another painting, and I quote "i am just tyring to throw you a bone here by selling you a painting for cents on the dollar"
I have comlained a few times with the BBB in canada and have never heard back from anybody.

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  • Sadly, this is a common complaint...

    Galerie Concorde, among about a half-dozen similar "galleries" in Montreal are nothing more than an art "retailer's retailer". They will sell you a piece for at least 200% (often more) than what it's real value is under the guise that you're getting it for pennies on the dollar.

    Their "gallery" is a locked-door facility, with "viewings on an invitation-only basis" - what that means is that they don't want the general public to see what is in reality a boiler-room facility who's goal is to sell as much art at super-inflated prices as possible.

    I would know - about 10 years ago when I first moved to Montreal I had the <ahem> pleasure of working for one of Concorde's competitors. That job lasted me 3 days - first 2 days were "training" in the investment pitch (which at the time seemed credible), and the third finding out what the real deal was with the pieces, and subsequent up-sells. The "certificates of authenticity" weren't worth the paper they are printed on, and are best used as bathroom tissue quite frankly. It literally made me physically ill.

    Best advice for anyone reading this (and hopefully it's read before "investing" in art sold over a phone) - buy your pieces at a reputable gallery or auction house.

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  • Ha
    HaroldsendelNOT Nov 01, 2018

    @The REAL Dave In Montreal I think your experience would be very much appreciated by an attorney looking to pursue a class action lawsuit if you are willing.

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  • Dm
    dmack7575 Feb 17, 2014

    The same thing happened to my father who bought too many of their lies, and paintings. After his death, I called them to inquire about there promise to take them to shows around the world and sell them. I was told I would do much better with the way the intranet is available these days I would have better luck with that. I was appalled and so was my attorney. Now, my concern is I'm afraid these aren't authentic. Potentially, they are as phoney as the company and I wouldn't want to sell them even on eBay if they aren't authentic. So I'm stuck with approx. 9 Peter Max wannabe.

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