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CB Food and Beverages Review of Fridays Melbourne, FL
Fridays Melbourne, FL

Fridays Melbourne, FL review: customer service 1

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Fridays is normally one of myself and my daughters favorite restaurants. We decided to go there on Christmas day for dinner. I have never received such horrible service in my life at Fridays. The waitress brought our drinks and then came back quite a bit time later to Take our order for food we ordered appetizers appetizers came out but it came out with no queso dip Buy another server who kindly went to go to rectify the situation and bring out our case so dip. Then I ordered a second adult beverage that did not come out until after our food was already out and we were done with dinner. Then the server took an adult additional 15 minutes to get us our check and boxes so that we could even leave. The waitress was not attentive, our wait time was horrible what else and overall it just really the worst experience. Not worth the $55.00 I spent to have a nice meal with my daughter.

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, US
Dec 26, 2019 2:18 pm EST

Sounds to me like you are impatient. I wonder if your daughter is more mature than you. 15 minutes is not that long of a wait for your check.

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