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Frenmay Builders Corporation review: They didn't pay for the materials, which we provided them 1

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We worked with Frenmay Builders Corporation. We signed the contract and provided necessary materials for them. We got the response that there were problems with the transaction, so the company would send us the check. We have waited 2 weeks for the check, and finally decided to contact these people again. So, after that they again and again provided one excuse after another. It is the worst company with whom we signed the contract. Very unreliable guys….

frenmay builders
, US
Jul 17, 2022 4:35 am EDT

You are ruining a good name just to post your claims of unpaid materials. If its true why don't you take it to legal ground in where you could collect instead of just throwing [censored] to these platform in where your opponent could not even argue.

Whatever claims you might have with FRENMAY BUILDERS is not true. The Company belongs to top 100 good name company and I bet your claims does not even exist, your just one loser who envy in others people success. Your gesture of taking it in these platform SUCKS!