Food Lovers Fat Loss SystemConstant harrassing phone calls

2/15, 2010

Attn: Food Lovers Fat Loss System

Because of your annoying phone calls everyday at 5:00, I am contacting the Missouri no call list and requesting that you be blocked from my number due to your harrassment.

This is the most ridiculous company I have ever dealt with, and I'm sorry I ever fell for your product. You have taken money automatically out of my account every month and now you tell me that I'm not paying and my credit will be ruined. That's really funny since you've charged my account monthly. I also plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint.
Ron Nye


  • Fo
    focole Mar 03, 2010

    I have not had a phone call from this company and yes they do take the $19.99 out each month for the installment agreement that you select unless you pay it all at once. I bought this product in November and I have called them on questions I had about the product and they answered my questioned. I am satisfied with the company and the product.

    I am not sure what happened with your transaction. I am sorry you had this experience with them.

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  • Lw
    Lwadex1 Mar 29, 2010

    I lost the 21-day CD's when I was having my car serviced and I called to see if I could get them replaced. The company checked to see if I was a customer and then they sent the CD's and all I had to do was pay for shipping. I think this diet is as good as any if you are willing to follow it. I believe the company is just like any other company and it makes mistakes. I got exactly what I paid for.

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  • Cb
    CBrewer Jul 31, 2012

    This company is one big scam!!! I ordered this over the phone the other night. I was quoted one month and shipping charges. I looked at my account and the entire amount was taken out of my bank account - $167.86 !! That included the system and one other add on plus shipping. I ordered this product because of the 6 months at 19.99 and would not have ordered if I knew they were going to that. When I called to resolve the problem the operator had an attitude, like that was my fault, and said she would credit my acct. a big whopping 19.99 !! That she couldn't credit my acct and couldn't put me on the 6month plan. Like I said, PROVIDA Co is one big SCAM company and the operators who answer phones have one big nasty attitude !! That box is going directly back and I better be getting my money refunded!!

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  • Le
    Lena Block Feb 18, 2013

    The Food Lovers Diet---I agree 100% that there are some real problems with this company. I am, as we speak, into the second hour, on the phone, trying to get in touch with customer service. Believe me, this company is a real scam. Like the lady in the complaint, I ordered on Nov. 10th. I realized my program would be a total of about $170. As of today, they've taken $94.93 on 11/10. $29.70 on 11/27. $34.97 on 12/18. $29.70 on 12/27. $29.90 on 12/28 (yes, one day later!!!) $34.97 on 1/17. $24.95 on 1/29. And lastly, $34.97 0n 2/16. A total of $314.09. And they just keep taking more. I have called twice--this is the third time, for them to stop. As you see, they haven't. Also like the other lady--I am sending this scam back to the company, and I, also, better get back EVERY PENNY. I now have been waiting 2 hours and 23 minutes. This is customer service??? There were 9 calls ahead of me when I first made this call and there are still 2 ahead of me--2 1/2 hours later!!! What? Is there only one customer rep there??????? This is ridiculous. Besides that, the diet is a scam. It does not work. Since I started on 11/24, I've lost 61/2 pounds. A far cry from the pounds falling off like they promise. And yes, not only do I stick to it, but I do water aerobics 6 days a week. The one set of CD's are so boring, that I actually fall asleep listening to them!! What they say is true--if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And this diet is definitely too good to be true. It does not work. This is proof that losing weight is hard. Nothing makes the pounds just melt away. I want my money back.

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  • Ji
    JillieB Apr 05, 2013

    I agree with the billing issues that this company has. To begin with, they sent me two kits, and then charged me for two. I sent one back, and they did credit it for me. When I looked over my bank statements for the last year, I noticed that they were charging me $64.87 every 3 months, in addition to, and after the payments of $19.99. When I called today, I was told that it was part of the FoodLovers Online access and that I agreed to it last year, and that it would continue to be charged unless I cancelled. I couldn't argue with them that I had agreed with it, because it's been over a year. So, I'm out $504 over the last 13 months and have not changed drastically in weight. Joke's on me, I guess.

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  • Ra
    Raven5254 May 23, 2013

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the heads up about this company. Your postings will hopefully deter other people from making a similar mistake in the future. Thank you.

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  • Tx
    txblown May 28, 2013

    here is how to stop your bank acct from being charged more than you want. get a prepaid card like visa green dot. load the card with the amount you are paying. they cant keep taking more money unless you put more on it

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  • Dw
    Dwithheld Oct 14, 2013

    To the person recommending that you use a prepaid Visa card for payment, thank you! What a great idea. If I order that is what I will do. After reading these posts I'm skeptical that it works.

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  • It
    ITSBEST Dec 16, 2013

    This is a scam. It's not free online trial. They charge your account immediately, that is not free. Run from this scam.

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  • Ca
    carolynnew. Jul 27, 2014

    I was on the phone ordering the program. This girl named shannon took my information, and then I was disconnected. I did not have a chance to say which way I was going to pay for it, and she did not call back after getting my phone number. I better not get ripped off. I wish I had checked this website out first. I would not have ordered it.

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  • Di
    Dissapointed2015 May 03, 2015

    I ordered the kit and realized before using it that It was too expensive for what they were offering. It didnt seem different than knowledge that most of us do when dieting, any diet book would tell us the same thing. I mailed it back right away, however unfortunately I misplaced my tracking #. I know they received it because it didnt come back to me. I had stopped my credit card however they are tenacious and are sending me to collection. Live and Learn. I have proof that I mailed it to them however they conveniently said that they did not receive. I believe in Karma and not ripping people off.

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